In the age of Bollywood where we regularly see actors like Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan romance with actresses far younger than them, this statement made by Rajnikanth of not working with actresses younger than his daughters, comes as a breath of fresh air.

At the audio launch of his upcoming movie ‘Kaala’, Rajnikanth took the liberty to reminisce on his long gone days in the Telugu film industry as the most vivacious, handsome and celebrated actor of his time who even now has the ability to gather a crowd of a million fans just by a simple wave of his hand.

What Did He Say?

The Kaala audio launch was less about the movie’s song album and more about the past experiences of Mr. Rajnikanth and what all lessons he learnt as he went from one failure to another.


He explicitly described each milestone film of his and what he learnt from that experience.

And while remembering one of his films ‘Lingaa’ which didn’t do well, he shared the two lessons that he had learnt from that: firstly, that one can never be a good person either in real life or in reel life and secondly, that he will never get romantically involved with a heroine in films who is younger than any of his daughters.

He was quoted as saying: “I am 67 years old. I can’t dance around with heroines who are younger than my daughters. So I realized to act my age.”

Apparently, in the movie ‘Lingaa’ Rajnikanth was seen romancing 30-year old actress Sonakshi Sinha which makes literally half the age of her hero i.e Rajnikanth.

Now that is something worth applauding.


Because he is one of the few respectable actors who realized that romancing heroines half his age in movies does not contribute to the success of any movie in any particular manner and that one should always act his/her age when it comes to portraying oneself as a role model for almost half a million fans.

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Is Bollywood Any Close To Such A Development Any Time Soon?

It’s hard to say whether Bollywood has actually reached that stage where actors themselves refuse to romance younger heroines who are half their age but surely developments are taking place.

Unlike Salman Khan, among many others, who still gets romantically involved with actresses literally half his age in movies, there are a few who are breaking the stereotypical barriers where it is not common for younger male actors to romance heroines twice their age.

All in all, it was really welcoming for Rajnikanth to make such a statement which breaks so many stereotypes currently present in the Hindi and Telugu film industry.

He is truly a hero! 

Sources: Hindustan Times, The Hindu, Times of India

Images Source: Google Images

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