Raisina House is a registered youth-led independent, nonpartisan, not-for-profit policy research think tank that seeks to lead & facilitate policy thinking in the field of International Relations and Domestic Governance & Global Security towards building a strong & prosperous India.

Raisina House in collaboration with India Spend hopes to promote objective journalism through their Media Conference 2021 on the issue of Democratization and Media, scheduled to be held from 27th-30th September 2021.

The event is a 4-day conference consisting of a Journalism Writing Competition, Journalism Workshops, and Seminars.

On the 27th, the Journalism Writing Competition titled ‘Headlines & Deadlines’ in collaboration with The Media Cell of St. Stephen’s College, The Symposium Society, Hindu College and Spartacus, Department of Political Science, Ramjas College will be held for participants between the age bracket 16-30 years.

After this, there will be Journalism Workshops on the theme of the ‘Rise of New Age Media’ and ‘Data Journalism’. The media partners for the event are ED Times & DU iNFO MEDIA.

The event will culminate with a 2 Day-Long Seminar from 29th and 30th September on various relevant themes relating to the contours and evolution of media.

The seminar will comprise of 6 sessions lasting 90 minutes each with a 30-minute break between every session. The competition aims to bring together 30+ participants for a holistic experience of journalism and reporting in the real world.

For the Headlines and Deadlines competition, every participant will be awarded a certificate. There will be 1 winner from each category.

Winners are going to be awarded prize money and will have complete access to the workshop on 28th September 2021. Announcements of the winners will be made on their social media handles and the website. Their work will also be published on the Raisina House website.

Join for a 4 days long Conference comprising of a Journalism Writing Competition, a Journalism Workshop and a 2-day seminar, from September 27-30, 2021.

Register now: https://raisinahouse.org/d-%26-m-conferecne-2021

ED is proud to be their Blog Partner. 

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