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Raise your voice! And it shall be suppressed till death


By Sonali Wadhwa


India is a democratic country ! It gained independence in 1947 and became republic in 1950.

According to our constitution, we have freedom of speech, freedom of choice, freedom of religion, freedom of conscience, free profession and many more !

But are we really independent ?

Do we really have the freedom to exercise these rights given to us ?

Our government is by the people, of the people and for the people !!

But is it true ?? I guess we all have the answer to it.

The dark clouds of the vicious evil of Corruption has descended over the foundations of our country so much so that it has indeed eroded all the essence of it being a respectable country all over the globe and has slowed down its effort of winning in the race of becoming one of the most developed countries amongst all.

Being the odd one out, one honest employee out of every corrupt group of employees is forced to transform his mind to become one of the rotten eggs for his very survival in the society !

In the present time, one can only ignore the wrong-doings happening around him but should not dare to raise his voice and plead to make a change ! His very urge of getting justice eventually leads him to the path of his own destruction.

We all have many questions. But where are the answers ?

Sneaking out of the dark clouds, the very brave whistle blowers make an attempt to change the world around them and appeal the law of the nation to render justice to the victims. But as soon as they even think of making an effort, their voice is suppressed on the cost of their lives.

To realize it better, let’s ponder on some of the real facts.

Shehla Masood, one of the whistleblowers, in the year 2010 became the target of a bullet that obviously aimed at taking away her life as a consequence of her constant efforts to expose the high level corruption prevailing in the government system having that was having adverse effects on her professional front. Trying to mock in the corruption chain, she tried to devise ways to open up tunnels to justified tasks and acts but ended up sacrificing her life. She was among the 12 whistle blowers killed in the year 2010 while almost 40 were assaulted after filing the right to information act trying to seek relevant facts under the law. According to the statistics and facts provided by the National Campaign for People’s Right to Information (NSPRI), more than 30 whistle blowers have been killed between 2010 and 2014.

images (1) (3)

Shocking it is ! But shamefully true !

Moving to another examples there were Satyendra Dubey, Shimbu Bishno,Ram thakur and others amongst the many whistleblowers who eventually gave up their lives while fighting against the wrong doers in the system.

We shall stop counting more, or else it will be too late !

As a matter of concern, these whistle blowers need utmost protection to be provided by the care takers of our nation as a result of which the Grievance Redress bill and Whistleblower Protection bill has come into picture. But unfortunately in our country, every action takes longer than expected; implementing an idea is the most difficult task of all times. Likewise, looking into the delay of the process, recently the kith and kin of the slain whistle blowers came up protesting outside BJP office in the urge of getting support from the party to pass the redress bill but they actually got whisked away to the Parliament police station where they were made to stay for 3 long hours just because they wanted their share of justice !

On the other hand, as we all know the recent case of Indian diplomat Devyani Khobragade who was charged with the allegations of visa fraud and lying about the salary paid to her domestic servants, is all set to get back to her esteemed position across the globe despite knowing the fact that what she did was indeed an illegal gesture. But actually who cares ?

She holds a highly respectable position in the government system and is just not accountable for any of her wrong deeds to anyone ! But still possesses the right to get so much attention from the government and stand as a victim in their eyes ! The leaders of our country have all the time to devote to looking forward to such issues where the victim is actually the culprit but they have no time to heed towards the deteriorating condition of our law which is often unable to favour the real victimized people who spend their lives in maintaining the integrity of the nation !

The Right To Information act was passed in 2005 in the name of making the politicians and leaders accountable to the people and to make their acts for the citizens more transparent. But is it actually helping ?

Rather the ones trying to seek aid by using the RTI become the foremost targets to be warned and finally finished ! We do have many acts and bills formed to help the people but are they really meaningful or just a mere legitimate piece of paper?




What a truthful justice it is ??!!

But the nations is still waiting ! Our eyes are still set upon the scale of justice to be balanced for all !

And as long as the planet Earth exists, there are high hopes existing in the hearts of the people that one day their voices shall be heard and if not completely, a small share of justice shall be given to them before their journey of life is forced end before time !


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