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Raees Trailer Is Perfect Case Of ‘What If Hum Ye Karte’


Okay guys, the much awaited SRK film Raees has officially launched it’s trailer and me being a big SRK fan was excited enough to watch it.

So taking out sometime from grueling office work, I sat down to see and I was… actually really disappointed.

Now now, I am not a very social media savvy person, meaning I barely spend any time online and thus was not that aware of all the controversies and problems it went through.

I did catch glimpses of news about it that involved a defamation case from the family of Abdul Latif, on whose life story the film is based on.

And of course the whole ban Pakistani actors and how Mahira Khan might be replaced in the movie or something of that sort.

But even still, the teaser trailer that come out some time ago had me intrigued and even the story since it seemed very different from what SRK had done till now.

SRK in still from Raees

But Oh Raees, You Fail Me So

Ok, so this is something that I feel should be important for all biographical sort of film, not saying Raees is one, but the story has been based on Abdul Latif’s life and thus even more so, the casting should be just perfect.

Now, SRK while good looking in almost every way, does not look even the least bit like Latif.

Where Latif was a little heavy and had a more rounder face, SRK on the other hand is looking like someone chiseled him out of marble.

Which is not at all setting the feel right.

SRK is looking entirely too good and if I may say so, refined also, meaning that he doesn’t look like a don at all.

Now a movie that got the casting perfect was Once Upon A Time in Mumbaai, whether it be Ajay Devgn’s character or Emraan Hashmi’s, both looked pretty close to how the people they were based on looked.

SRK as Raees and Abdul Latif


Really?? We Haven’t Moved Past The Too Young Heroine Phase?

And am I the only one or did you all also feel just really weird seeing SRK romance the entirely too young Mahira Khan.

Now before you all say something, I did research a bit however could not really find anything about Latif’s wife or the character of Mohsina that Mahira Khan is playing.

But whatever that may be, the chemistry between SRK and Mahira is just not clicking to me.

I would have really liked it if had used makeup like they did in Fan in give SRK a new look.

Even in Fan, SRK’ younger character was paired up with a young girl, however with the makeup and the way SRK was looking, it genuinenly did not look off or weird.

Couldn’t they have done the same thing here too? Maybe it would have lessened the age difference that is showing so glaringly and made them look better on screen together.

Sigh, the power of makeup has gone much further than just blush, eyeshadow and lipstick. Today you can literally create a whole new person out of it, so why not use it to its fullest?

Mahira Khan and SRK in Raees


Signing off I would just like to say that this trailer did not impress me as much as I had hoped it would. It looks like a classic case of ‘what if’ and just wondering what we could have changed.

Also, where the hell was Nawazzudin Siddiqui?! I blinked and I missed.

Image Credits: Google Images

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