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The Race for Raisina Hills gets Tougher Stickier


Amid  Trinamool  Tactics  UPA   annouces  Pranab  as  Presidential  candidate  dumps  ‘Didi’ 

The  Race  for  presidential  candidates  is  getting  hotter  as  the  election  day  arrives  on  June  19th.First  TMC  chief  allay   of  congress  dumped  Congress  by  announcing  open  support  for  A P  J Abdul  Kalam .   Earlier  the   SP  chief  Mulayalam  Singh  had  gathered  with  Mamata  Banerjee  and  threw  open  three  names  including  former  lok  sabha  speaker  Somnath  chaterjee  and  embarrassed    the  UPA government   by  mentioning  the  name  of  Prime  Minister  Manmohan  Singh.

The ‘ M  &  M’  Jodi

It’s  been  for  long  in  the  news   that  Mamata  is  not  willing  to  back  Pranab Mukherjee’s    since  the  relations  between  her  are  said  to  be   in   red  due  to  various  political  reasons. Infact  it  is  said  that  he  was  one  of  the  reasons  why  she  left  congress  to  form  Trinamool  congress.

Sources   however  say  the  congress  is  unhappy  over   Mamata  announcing  the  name  of  PM Manmohan  Singh  which  shows  that the  congress  allays  want  a  change  in  top  leadership.  Though  party  insiders  say  that   a  sizeable  portion  in  congress  wants  a change  in  top  leadership     so  as  to   bring  a change  in  image  before  the  2014  general  elections.Mr.Singh  is  also  being  under  the  lens  for  his  role  in  allocating  the  coal  blocks   for  which  C.B.I.  is  working.

Sources  however  said  the  name  of   A P J Abdul  Kalam   is  being  considered  after  the  CPI(M)  General  secretary  Gurudas  Gupta  said  that  he  is  not  going  to  back  any  UPA  candidate  because  of  the  failure  of  government  in  every  field.  Meanwhile  the  BJP   lead  NDA  has  declined  to  give  their  candidate  excusing  that  UPA  should  nominate  a candidate  as  it   has   has  the  numbers  not  the  NDA.

There  is  a possibility  this   all  this  might  have  been  choreographed   and  all  the  Mulayalam  Mamta  meet  would  be  artificial  and  in  the  end  Pranab  would  come  in.  There  is   a  possibilty  Mamta  although  being  an  UPA  allay   would  back  down  and  SP  being  an  outside  supporter  would  pitch  in.Earlier Orissa  CM  and  BJD  leader  Navin  Patnaik  and  Tamil  Nadu  CM  jaylalithaa  had  come  in  full  support  of  tribal  leader  and  former  speaker  P A Sangma  sice  orissa  has  sizeable  amount  of  tribals  and  in  the  60  years  of  independence  no  tribal  leader  has  reached  there

Mamat  also  threw  away  the  name  of  Vice  president  Hamid  Ansari  saying  that  he  was  an  ideal  candidate  and  though  did  not  bellong  to  any  political  party   was  in  Politics  for  over  three  decades  .  But  SP  chief  Mulayan  Singh  Yadav  had  already  made  it  clear  that  he  won’t  back  any   Bureaucrat  for  the  top  job.    

       Meanwhile   BJP  sources  that  said  that  they  might  well  strike  a deal  with  UPA   and  support  them   in  favour  to  get   senior  BJP  leader  Jaswanth  Singh for  the  post  of  Vice  President  .  This  was  sparked  after  Jaswant  Singh  met  SP  chief  Mulayalam  Singh  at  his  Delhi  residence  .

Meanwhile  Pranab  Mukherjee  after   being  stabbed  by Mamata   sources  said  was  talking  to  left  leaders  to  back  him.  But  the  biggest  breakthrough  came  when  UPA  chairperson  Sonia  Gandhi  named  Pranab  Mukherjee   as  the   official  candidate  of  the  UPA,thus  dumping  Mamata  Banerjee  and  her  wish  for  a relief  package  for  the  cash  trapped  Bengal.  Speculations  arrived   soon  after  that  the  Congress  had  talked  to  BSP  and  left  and  gained  support.This  came  as  a much  needed  relief  for  the  congress  as  otherwise  it  had  sparked  a mid-term  poll like  situation.                                                                                

Similarly, BSP supremo Mayawati pledged her party’s backing for the Congress veteran, saying he is the most able candidate of all those announced. “Our party has decided to vote in favour of Pranab Mukherjee,” she said at a press conference in Lucknow, shortly after UPA’s announcement.

With support of SP and BSP, the UPA candidate is in a position to garner nearly half of the total vote value of 10,98,882. On its own, UPA has a vote value of 4.12 lakh after deducting TMC’s 48,049.

But the addition of 1.12 lakh vote value of SP (68,812) and BSP (43,349) will take the vote value of UPA to 5.24 lakh. This leaves the ruling alliance with a slight deficit of 25,000 vote value, assuming all other parties are ranged against the UPA candidate.

The BJP-led NDA has a vote value of 3.04 lakh while the left Parties account for over 51,000 vote value. The UPA announcement ended all the speculation over who will be its candidate after several names were made the rounds including Vice-President Hamid Ansari and dark horse Lok Sabha Speaker Meira Kumar.

Ever since the TMC supremo Mamata Banerjee and SP chief Mulayam Singh Yadav proposed Kalam and two others, there has been speculation that Yadav might not stick to the TMC game.


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