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If you have ever stumbled across Wattpad, you must be aware of the teen sensation, ‘After’ by Anna Todd. The story revolves around the plot wherein a young woman, Tessa Young falls for a guy, Hardin Scott with a dark secret and the two embark on a rocky relationship.

An intensified version of this plot is the center of the novel ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’. The novel is anchored around a literature student Anastasia Steele who’s life takes a massive turn after she interviews a billionaire Christian Grey.

The Depiction Of Men In Such Novels

The perception one makes of a man from such novels is bizarre. Hardin Scott is portrayed to be a ‘playboy’ while Christian Grey is shown to follow a similar lifestyle.

In retrospect what’s disturbing is that in such novels, the aggression portrayed by the men is taken as their expression of love. This can also be seen in the movie Kabir Singh.

You’d be lying if you said that people didn’t find Kabir Singh’s aggression appealing.

“That’s the intensity of his love”, is what I’ve literally heard people say.

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The Glorification of Abuse

Franklin Veaux on Quora stated, ‘men who behave like characters in romantic comedies don’t get the girl, they get restraining orders.’

It’s true, 90% of all novels and stories show the ‘bad boy’ dating the innocent girl. It is now a stereotype.

We have created this world where ‘abuse’ is the new ‘hot’. A certain authoritative nature is expected in every male protagonist.

It can also be taken in the sense that females like the whole idea of taming a man.

For example, in the novel ‘After’, Hardin Scott’s eyes “softened” at the sight of Tessa and he would forget all his temper.

That’s exactly what appeals to the female readers; they take it as a mark of their importance.

What Would Happen If Such Stories Were Not Just Fiction?

What if your partner was an abusive man, someone like Christian Grey, Hardin Scott, Kabir Singh or even Edward Cullen for that matter, would you tolerate the constant fights and control?

Fictionally, you’d want a man like that, but in all practicality, such men are not what you’d want for a healthy relationship.

A user stated, “Women aren’t reading ‘Atonement’ and thinking, ‘You know what I want? I want my little sister to falsely accuse the love of my life of rape, leading to prolonged separation and his inevitable death in a war.’”

The reason such men are portrayed in such novels is because they’re fiction, the character fits in the story. Such a man won’t necessarily fit in your life story.

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