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get your name on google

The majority of us one time or another had typed our own names in the Google search box. And that too you may have done it out of boredom. Watching one’s own name on the monitor screen is bliss (unless you didn’t do something notorious). But chances are you may find some results that are creepy or embarrassing.

The original question says, “What is the weirdest thing you’ve found when Googling your own full name?

Check out what some people who were in a similar situation, had to say.


I found a video of myself on a porn website. In 2006, I uploaded a video on YouTube and Dailymotion in which I played a fairly difficult guitar track. Impressed with myself (please bear with me, that was a while ago), I put 16yo in the tags. 

Several years later, out of curiosity, when I searched my name on Google, I found a link in the first result page of my guitar video on a porn website and noticed that 16yo tag. 

I guess a bot (software) crawled YouTube and/or Dailymotion, saw the 16yo tag and downloaded the video to upload it on that porn website.


There used to be three Douglas Beagleys (my name) in America.


No, seriously! Remember that scene in Cool Hand Luke, where the prisoner hops in a truck while on work duty and drives off? That’s what the other dude with my name did: escaped from Trinidad Correctional Facility while driving dump truck.

One was another “Douglas K. Beagley”, who lived on the west coast. I found his name on the Internet back in the late 90s and called him up. We chatted for a while. Nice guy. I think he may have also been in his late 90s. I found his obituary (I think) a while back.

And recently, I learned in 2015 that I had escaped from prison.

I don’t think I will call this other Douglas Beagley up. No offense to hard-working parolees who have served their time, but that guy terrifies me. The picture is haunting. Does he have show tunes stuck in his head? Does he have a ridiculous fascination with graph paper? I don’t want to know.

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My name is Justin. I have 9,710,000 results. At first, I was very excited. “Wow, Google stalked me enough to have 9 million results!” Then I look at the first page of the results.

-LinkedIn link for some guy named Jaejoon Justin Na

-LinkedIn for top 10 Justin Na (I’m not on there)

-YouTube video of Justin Bieber

-Facebook link for Jaejoon Justin Na (I really want to meet him)

I take a deep breath. Ok, ok. Next page.

-Justin Bieber Wikipedia page

-Something about Justin Bieber in a language I do not know

-Justin Bieber Fan Site

-Justin Bieber Twitter

-Justin Bieber Music Download

-Justin Bieber Lyrics

One more. Third time’s the charm, right?

-To summarize the results, it’s a bunch of Justin Bieber results in 3+ different languages.

What did I find out when I Googled my full name?

I am in the shadows of Justin Bieber.


It displayed my Engineering Hostel dues to be paid.

This was way back in 2007. Even today if I google my name (along with the place where I am from), it comes up. I still remember seeing my name listed that particular time on the notice board due to which I paid the dues next day.

Even though I don’t remember every time I paid my mess fee, I particularly remember paying this cos that’s when I ran into my crush. It is strange that this due mess fee is still listed with my name on my university website.

When I searched my own name, the results showed two Facebook links and then there were links of LinkedIn (pretty boring).

So try it out if you hadn’t yet done it. It might be that your name is unique and Google would show the result “Your search-(your name)- did not match any documents. It would be creepy but awesome.

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