Lets face it, it is the era of modern relationships. Relationships aren’t old school anymore. People change their partners in no time and move on so quickly!

Technology has made it worse. WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat and a thousand other social networks have added another feather in these already complicated “relationships”.

modern relationships 3
Modern relationships and technology!

And why all this has a severe impact on an introvert is because of their nature!

If you lie to an introvert in a relationship, they wouldn’t really trust you again. For you it might be a simple lie but for them it’s another reason for existential crisis and further, for not trusting people.

If you cheat on them or do something really hurtful, well, you wouldn’t really get to see their face again!

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Breakups are even more challenging to deal with. 8 out of 10 times, an introvert would be suffering post breakup and you wouldn’t know about it. This is because introverts do not feel like broadcasting their feelings.

An extrovert might be able to talk about a breakup to colleagues or even a stranger but introverts don’t. They’ll smile and laugh with you and suffer in silence.

Also, introverts don’t move on from a relationship that easily. They’d pretend to but in reality they keep living in past without even letting anyone know.

And the lucky ones who do get to hear the introvert’s side of story are often very harsh to them. “Grow up”, “You got this on yourself”, “Stop dwelling in past” aren’t really very comforting words for an introvert.

HSP + Introvert + Dealing with breakup = Worst combination ever!

Honestly, when a person has interacted and opened up to very less people in life, how do you expect them to just forget an essential component of their life that easily?

“You’ll find someone better”, “You deserve someone better” aren’t comforting either. I mean he/she who barely interacts, binge watches a show on Saturdays and keeps a book for looking up excuses to cancel a party doesn’t really have a chance of finding someone better anytime soon.

And the worst thing to do is criticising their ex in front of them. If you ever plan to do that to comfort your introvert friend, ABORT MISSION.

Now, when I’ve listed down all the No-Nos, one would wonder how to help an introvert to deal with all the stress and hurt?

The answer to that is pretty easy, just get them loads of chocolates, ice cream and tissues. And listen to them rant without saying anything. (Yes, this works. Tried and tested!)

So, yeah. Modern relationships and breakups aren’t easy for anyone but if you’re dealing or leaving behind an introvert, do take extra care and precaution!

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