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We Indians are a separate breed altogether. Ever wondered what’s the most Indian thing ever? Maybe a habit or quirk that all of us have or something which distinguishes us from others?

I found a perfect Quora thread to find an answer to this very question. The responses are ohhh-so-relatable!

1. Little quirks anywhere and everywhere is the most Indian thing ever!

Shops during cricket matches.

Every Indian shop when India plays cricket has people glued to the glass windows. Every damn time!

Use and Reuse and Reuse.

Child is born. New t-shirt purchased for him.

*After 2 years*

T-shirt goes to younger brother.

*After 2 more years*

T-shirt goes to the youngest brother.

*After 2 more years*

Finally, used as a ‘pocha’.

The Dilemma.

Me- Mom. Shall I go on a trip with my friends?

Mom- I don’t know. Ask your father.

*Goes to father*

Me- Dad. Shall I go on a trip with my friends?

Dad- I don’t know. Ask your mother.

The Cool Dad.

Me- Mom. I need 500 rupees.

Mom- Why? What do you want to spend on? Think and spend wisely, beta.

*Gives 100 bucks*

Me- Dad. I need 500 rupees.

Dad- Here take it. *Gives 2000 rupees*

Indian Parents, you know!


Me- Dad. I scored 85%.

Dad- I heard Sharma got 92%.

Me- Yes Dad. But still!

Dad- If Sharma can score 92% then why can’t you?

Me- *goes to mom and asks her to calm dad down*

*Avoids eye contact with dad for the next few days*

Trying the same with him:

Me- Dad. How come you never topped your class?

Dad- Beta. Our time was different.!

Indian Dad, you know!

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2. The lack of concern for individual privacy

Most people are hesitant to take a mobile call from an unknown number, but I am scared of known ones. Here’s why.

Scene 1.

Rrrringg rrrrnnggg … (Family friends number)

‘Hello, Doctorji how are you, how’s uncle, how’s your son?’

‘We are fine thank you’

‘So how’s work going’

‘Well, not bad’

‘Till what time you see patients in the evening?’

‘I consult from 5 pm till 8 pm’.

‘OK ok, then I shall come after 8 30; I think by then you would be free. I would bring my father-in-law for your consultation’.

Intruding on my free time, without an apology. Can you do that with your hairdresser or travel agent?

(In India, everyone wants to bring their beloved for medical check up after the doctors’ consultation time; not during)

Scene 2.

Rrrringg rrrrnnggg … (family friends number)

‘How’s your daughter in US, studying?’


‘How old is she?’

‘Twenty something’.

‘Ohh really; she has grown up. Not thinking about marriage?’

(My daughter’s response – in India, do people have no other business other than enquiring about neighbor’s daughter’s marriage?)

Aren’t doctors, daughters and everyone else entitled to a little privacy?

3. The billboards congratulating politicians on their birthdays has to be the most Indian thing ever

Then of course, in a category of their own, are the hilariously misspelled birthday wishes. I don’t know what to say.

I remember being surprised to hear from my British roommate that no politician’s birthday is even all that well-known, let alone celebrated, in the UK. I haven’t seen anything remotely similar in New Zealand as well. However, billboards like these are virtually everywhere in India.

The fun doesn’t end at only the birthday wishes though. You can find similar billboards for virtually every occasion, whether it is about winning the election, welcoming people for the Ganesh festival, or wishing everyone a Happy Diwali/Holi/Navratri, Id Mubarak or Merry Christmas. Schools, colleges, bus stops, even public toilets.

You’ll find these hoardings wherever there is space and it is possible for the hoardings to exist.

There, There.

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