QuoraED: How Horrible It Is To Meet Katrina Kaif In Person? Well a lot!

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“Bollywood”, a word which ignites dead souls who died unemployed.

Katrina Kaif is one of those actresses who are famous for their acting skills (Not in a positive sense, though). She has won million hearts by her looks and her seductive orgasm with slice. She is known for ruining movies like Phantom, Ek Tha Tiger, and Salman Khan.

No! We’re not bashing her (But, actually we are). Let us give you an insight of how much her fans love her. A question on Quora has been doing rounds around my feeds, “What is it like to meet Katrina Kaif?”


From “horrible” to “unexpected”, people have given all sorts of incidents regarding their bumping into Katrina Kaif. However, Majority of the experiences is like her movies,i.e., Horrible.

Certain Instances may be helpful:


I once met a customs officer who had met Katrina Kaif twice at the airport while doing his duty.

The first time he met her, he requested for a pic with her. Not only did she decline she said it in such a rude manner that the guy was embarrassed, as many of his colleagues were also nearby.

However as the karma goes, this guy again met Katrina Kaif after a few months. During the customs clearance process, he sent her for security check.

She was a bit shocked and asked him “Don’t you know who I am? Don’t you watch movies?” To which the officer replied with authority “No I don’t watch movies. GO over there for the check”.

She definitely needed some lessons in humility.



Once my roomie told me about her flight experience with Katrina Kaif and it’s really not good. She is not so friendly. My roomie is an air hostess with Jet Airways. She said whenever Katrina boards a flight, she sits with her manager and she doesn’t talk to anyone only her manager talks. When the flight air hostess comes to greet her or ask her about her food preference, she simply turns to her manager instead of talking to the flight attendant directly. She would then tell her food preference to her manager who would then convey it to the air hostess even if she want water she does the same.This is really so rude.

Once Katrina lashed out at an air hostess when she was woken up from her sleep and asked to fasten her seatbelt. She said ‘How dare you touch me? You are just an air hostess, the salary you earn is just a small amount which I spend in one day blah blah!!’. The crew was shocked & surprised by this.

She was also black listed from Jet Airways for her rude behaviour towards the staff. Though she is a celebrity, but this is not the way to talk to anyone. She doesn’t even allow to take pictures or give autographs to her fans.


A friend of mine met her and Ranbir in a mall on the outskirts of Amsterdam. She used to be a huge Katrina fan back then. She got so excited, greeted them both & asked for a selfie with Katrina. Not only did Katrina give her a stare down in reply to her ‘Hi, I’m a huge fan’, she refused to have a picture clicked.

Ranbir proactively offered my friend a selfie with him seemingly embarrassed of his GF’s rude behaviour. Before my friend took their leave, Kaif also refused to give her an autograph.
So, I understand she’s a human who can be in a bad mood once in a while, but being rude to others cannot be excused all the time. She’s basically a cold fish who won’t respect you as a fellow human unless she’s on film promotions or you’re a Bollywood biggie.


It was the time when she was just introduced by Salman Khan in Bollywood. I was an ardent fan of hers. The movie Ajab Prem ki Ghazab Kahani was being shot.

I had once mentioned that Ranbir -Katrina are my favourite Bollywood couple. My best friend decided he was going to get me their autographs at any cost, so he went off to the shooting.

After standing for almost 16 hrs , he did get a proper view and met Katrina’s manager, a very arrogant lady.

The paparazzi was not much there at that time, and the crowd was also small.

My best friend told Katrina’s manager that he would like to meet her just for a second, after much much waiting when Katrina came out of the vanity, for MEETING THE CROWD, he ran to her with a paper n pencil( yes pencil, this moron did not have a pen) to which she disgracefully said “ Do u expect me to sign with it? “ and threw the pencil on his face.

He should have returned at this time, but no! Being a moron that he is, he called me up and told me this. I had no idea that all this was on so I rushed to him, we spent another 5–6 hours for her, and yes I carried a Parker pen this time.

Ranbir and Katrina are all over the place, finally, we get to meet them, and my friend held the pen in front of Katrina and she took it when he said “ Sir ka autograph chaiye”.


These are some of the few encounters which people had with Katrina Kaif’s rude behavior. I think she does not have the word “humble” in her dictionary. Superstars like SRK and Salman tend to be soft natured in front of fans and respect their endeavor. But hey, Katrina Kaif is so successful. She has perfect acting skills and has delivered super blockbuster films. So, ya , her attitude doesn’t matter. Or does it?

Source: Quora

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  1. I have met her twice in Dubai and each time she was polite and humble. She is reserved by nature so for few ppl she may look like a rude person.
    Infact I met in a hotel lobby… it took me a while to recognise as I almost freezed looking at her. She gave me a smile and obliged for a selfie.


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