When you’re confronting psychiatric wellness issues, expertise is what matters most. The more experience a therapist has with a condition or methodology, the better your outcomes are going to be. 

It is essential you stay away from marketing gimmicks where doctors prescribe medicines over medicines and try to get you dependant on them where you eventually end up being a money vending machine to them. It is also essential you have faith in the good doctors and screen the genuine ones for your optimum benefit. 

Look for the following factors when seeking a genuine psychiatrist: Are they available to you at all times? Are they prescribing medicines and focusing giving equal importance to therapy? Are they comforting? Does talking to them make you feel like you’re communicating with yourself?

Then they’re the one for you. 

“It’s maximum benefit with minimum medication theory that I use to treat my patients with mental health disorders. I aim at absolute cure from the root, and not mere symptomatic treatment,” says Dr Parth Nagda, founder, Nami Neuropsychiatry Clinic based in Mumbai.

Whether you are searching for treatment for regular issues, for example, migraine, sleep issues, tiredness, or stress, or graver issues such as quitting liquor, tobacco and so on, to knowing and finding support for exceptional sicknesses like Schizophrenia, bipolar disorder or Obsessive Compulsive disorder (OCD), help for everything is accessible at Nami Neuropsychiatry Clinic.

The facility is adequate, with social separating measures followed including hand sterilisation of all patients entering the OPD, the staff and suitable sanitisation done routinely.

Sufficient time is given for conversation of the issue with the patient and a fitting arrangement is given with due thought of all elements like patient reasonableness, availability and accommodation. Further follows-ups are possible online.There is additionally arrangement for online meeting/teleconsultation for patients who can’t go because of lockdown limitations.

Look no further than Dr. Parth Nagda at Nami Neuropsychiatry Clinic for your mental health grievances.

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