The much-talked-about EP was presented by Angad Singh.

The Chandigarh-based Fitoorians The Band and the vocals by Sahil Sargam add to the magic of the track.

July 22: Among the many industries that have been on a constant rise, no one can deny how the creative and artistic industries have been on an unstoppable growth pedestal, especially the world of music, which has brought to the front extremely talented and skilled artists in the form of singers, songwriters, rappers, music producers, artists and more. We couldn’t help but notice the rise of one such incredible soul, whose signature sound and a specific soulful vibe as a singer has caught everyone’s attention lately in the Indian music scene; we are talking about Sahil Sargam, a young musical talent many are talking about, especially now for his upcoming track titled “Pyar Tere Da Asar.”

“Pyar Tere Da Asar” is a much-awaited song of his from the EP “Ehsaas” by the Chandigarh-based Fitoorians The Band and presented under Speed Records and Angad Singh. Sahil Sargam, who has given his voice to the EP’s song, has gone ahead in winning hearts in the industry already, thanks to the commitment he has shown so far and the meticulous efforts he has put in to make sure he has given it his all to the song. Sahil Sargam hails from Chamba, Himachal Pradesh, India, and from a very young age, music was everything he ever wanted to pursue in his life. Hard work combined with his determination and patience gave him the right opportunities at the right time, and he went ahead to become a rising singer in the industry.

His mellifluous sound that exudes his passion for music and his madness for taking over the niche is one of the prime reasons for his swift rise in the music space. His song “Maa” was also included in the bolly7 July 2022 hit list, while Pyar Tere Da Asar is the 4th song that Herman Bhinder, who is a growing music director in the Pollywood industry, has made in a very convincing way for the EP Ehsaas. The music video by Ajit Singh and project by Chandigarh-based production house Wiggle Media. This song is for all those who are in love and especially for those who love music, says the singer.

Sahil Sargam is really looking forward to how listeners and music lovers will receive the much-talked-about song.



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