Google and Lego make a baby: ARA.

Ever wondered what would happen if Lego and Google had an erotic love affair? Made babies like Stewie Griffin with Mini-Mes ? Or better yet, dreamt of customizing your own smart-phone on a daily basis?

I bet not. Before clearing things out, let’s all bow our heads down to the wonders of technology! Now, the link between Lego (Metaphor), Google (All Mighty) and Smart-phones is unheard of but a reality. Project ARA, initially launched as a proto-type, will soon by the end of this year, become your next best bet in the arena of phones. Without further ado, here’s an insight into Legoogle land *pun intended*:




Project A is Google’s flagship initiative to bring the world’s first modular smart-phones into production and make available the option of using different components by either upgrading or replacing them for a better, more hi-tech version. This supposed-smartphone will be made out of a metal endoskeletal magnetic frame, where each component, be it the battery, speakers, camera, et al is replaceable by either faster, upgraded versions or a new piece incase of a defect. In short, slip, slide and attach!



The Spiral 2 is the first model to be launched under this programme and as Google announced, it’ll available in Puerto Rico (of all the places you could find! Why Google, Why You Do This?! Sadist) during the second half of 2015. So, its key features include:

Processors: Dual application processors (Marvell PXA1928 and Tegra K1) #HelloPerformance

Display: A 720p display #ReplaceableUnder$50

 Camera: 5MP camera #UpgradableToDSLRs

Other Features:  Micro-USB port, battery, and speaker are also part of the setup. Network connectivity options consist of 3G modem, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. #Swagger

For now only eleven working magnetic modules are available but these will cross over a hundred in a year or so providing the consumer with an array of categories to select from; in short:

Got a busted Camera: Replace that damn thing, now I want a mini-DSLR #SelfProclaimed #WannabePhotographer

Night vision: Baby step to X-ray vision (hehe…) #SupermanThatIsh

Mini-Rolex: A mini magnetic watches, which I’m pretty sure, will soon be taken over by the big guns (Rolex is my jam!) #CostOfYourPhone #IsTooDamnHigh

Wallpapers: Now get your cutie-patootie’s image as your back cover and slide it off to throw it at his head when you’re PMSing! *aww* #HeadBANGING



Thus, basically, Google has crossed all boundaries to redefine the world of smart-phones, where purchasing one and not configuring your own, was so passé! So just slip, slide and attach your smartphone while sitting on the royal throne *pun intended*


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