Recently three Bhojpuri films were announced under the banner of CP Paradise Motion Picture Private Limited. Producer CP Chowdhary announced three films one after the other with three different actors and also finalized the shooting dates of those three films. These three films are Deva Ki Adalat, Pyaar Na Mane Pehredari and Bhojpuria King. Two of these films are directed by Hemraj Verma and one film Pyaar Na Mane Pehredari is directed by Prem Sagar Singh. The film Deva Ki Adalat is starring Prem Singh, while Pyaar Na Mane Pehredari is starring Anand Dev Mishra and Bhojpuria King is being led by actor Ravi Yadav. The shooting of Bhojpuri film Pyaar Na Mane Pehredari will start in Gorakhpur from next 16th, while the shooting of Bhojpuria King is also going to start from 16th June at different locations of Uttar Pradesh. At the same time, the shooting of Deva’s court will also be announced soon.

Producer CP Chowdhary told in Mumbai that he has cast three such newcomers as lead actors in three consecutive films, who were yet to get work according to their potential in the industry. He has taken this step very thoughtfully and he feels that when films with these three actors are made, it will work to increase the trend towards Bhojpuri films among the audience. Producer CP Chowdhary informed that the scripting work of all the three films is almost complete and they are now being examined by the directorial team on technical finesse. With the news of producer CP Chowdhary coming out with films one after the other, the entire Bhojpuri film industry has started looking at him with great hope. Because in today’s date even the established producers of Bhojpuri films are not taking the risk of shooting three consecutive films together. In such a situation, this bold step of CP Chowdhary is being appreciated a lot. Now it has to be seen how well these three films will be able to show their magic at the box office in the coming times. The PRO of these three films is Sanjay Bhushan Patiyala.


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