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Predictions & Theories For The Upcoming Marvel Movies


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Source: Google Images

Disclaimer: This article will probably have a few or a lot of spoilers, so tread lightly.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a diverse and vast one at that. It has multiple different worlds and people inside of it. And the inclusion of films into this universe has given it a rich visual effect that allows us fans to be able to better picture all the little things in it.

But, just like when a book is published it does not remain the authors, the same way is with comics and more than anything comic adaptations. Before the release of a Marvel film there is ample speculation and discussion over what is going to happen, wish lists get made, that these are the things that fans wish would happen, dreaded no no’s that no fan wants to come true.

Being a fan of Marvel myself, I have spent countless hours speculating and thinking over what is going to happen, why it is going to happen and how it will affect the future films and more.

So here are a few predictions or theories one could say, that I have come up for the upcoming Marvel movies:

  1. Captain America is not going to Die:

Yes, I know that Cap’ dies in the original comics and that his death has some serious impacts on later event. But in real world, Chris Evans still has 2 movies left in his contract and he is set to appear in both parts of Infinity Wars. That makes it highly unlikely that they will kill him in Civil War only.

But what I think they will do is that they might show him to starting to veer off his super serum and start to become human again. He will probably get hurt very very badly in Civil War and that is what will be a trigger towards the depletion of his super serum. But he will still be alive. Then Captain America will come in for a last hurrah in Infinity Wars and then he might die. A man out of his time, will die as a soldier only.

  1. The Original  Avengers will Disband in Infinity Wars:

According to my theory some of the Avengers will probably die, and some might go live a normal life or go back to their alien planet. I am pretty sure that Cap’ will die in Infinity Wars but what will happen to the other ones is still unclear. Thor will probably go back to Asgard, since his mission of protecting the world is over. And his services are not needed anymore. Tony will also hang up his suit and at the most stay in as a more of counseling or teaching manner to train the new Avengers. I’m still unclear about Hawkeye and Widow, but considering their past, they might just stay with the new S.H.I.E.L.D or if the rumors are true then Hawkeye might just die too.

  1. New Avengers will Emerge:

After the disintegration of the old Avengers, the new Avengers will emerge, that will comprise of the Guardians, Bucky, Falcon, Vision, Scarlet Witch and all the new characters being launched by Marvel. This is precisely why Marvel is coming up with all these new characters, so that they can take the place of the original avengers. It will be very interesting to see the origins and hopeful integration into the Avengers team of Ant-Man, Spider-Man(finally, it was high time), Doctor Strange, Black Panther and most importantly Captain Marvel the first origin movie with a female protagonist. Black Panther with his super quick hunting and tracking skills might be a very valuable addition to the team, and I believe that Doctor Strange is the one who will ultimately connect the Earth and its Avengers to all the rest of the Galaxy.

  1. Quicksilver is probably going to come back:

Yes, I know Quicksilver died in AoU, but did anyone notice that Hawkeye brought his body back to the vessel. There is a reason for that scene. These people never make or put in a scene without an ulterior or backhand motive. That scene is there so there can be a possibility that Quicksilver might be alive, or at least can be brought back to life. Although to be honest, as sad as I was on his death, I feel that his death was important in the greater scheme of things. And bringing him back would sort of cheapen its significance.

  1. The Infinity Stones:

One thing that bugs me about the Marvel movies till now, is how slowly and by slowly I mean snail speed slow are they going with the whole arc of Infinity Stones.But back to the thing that bugs me is how little the Stones have been shown, only Guardians of the Galaxy was the one to actually show the true power of the stone.

Up until now, almost 4 of the stones have been revealed,  the Tesseract the Space Stone, is currently in Asgard under Heimdall’s care, but considering the fact that Loki is ruling it, I don’t think it will be safe for long; the Aether is the Reality Stone with a very irresponsible owner, the Collector, whose lab has been blown up into splinters; the Mind Stone is with Vision perhaps the only one that is safe in any manner of speaking; the Orb or the Power Stone is in Xandar for now, but considering their track record, I have a feeling it will not be safe for long.

The only two left are the Time Stone and the Soul Stone. I believe that the whole time travelling thing might be introduced in GoTG as Peter travelling back in time to know of his lineage, or perhaps it could be Hank Pym too, trying to use it to bring back his lost wife. The Soul Stone is still a mystery but there are a few easter eggs for it too, remember the Collectors blown up lab, and who was in that lab, yup, Adam Warlock, in the comics he is the one to wield the Soul Stone. So Adam Warlock is lose and there is no evidence of where the Soul Stone might be, so maybe he has it.

Still these stones are largely a mystery and how exactly Thanos is going to “do it himself” is not clear. But good news or not so good news, Thanos can walk and he is up and about, I have a feeling that this ride is going to quickly gain speed now.

So, these are a few of the predictions I have for the Marvel Cinematic Universe and how events are going to unfold. If you all have any theories of your own, then comment below. I am all ears.


Chirali Sharma
Chirali Sharma
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