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Positivity and Faith: Two things Sanskar Daryani Brings into the Youth’s Consciousness


Social media is a great platform and a life-changing career option for people who want to be in this industry and choose not so used ways. Sanskar Daryani, a supercar reviewer and a young influencer was one of them. With zeal to achieve something bigger and being highly motivated, he chose the career option of being the youngest car reviewer in India, the youngest lifestyle blogger, a fashion icon who influences thousands.

Sanskar Daryani was born in Indore. The smart boy was always interested in cars but as he grew up, the interest with the help of knowledge and motivation turned into a passion and today he is the owner of several luxurious cars, supercars, and many more.

Though his all-time favourite cars are Porsche and Lamborghini, he doesn’t miss out the fun while driving his Range Rover, BMW, Mercedes and other luxury machines.

He has received all tremendous love and supports from his subscribers on his supercars related YouTube channel where he brings videos for us using the cars he owns. Here Sanskar in his own words has stated “Money is not equal to success. Success is when you have a name for yourself and have a place in the world where you contribute and constantly add value to the lives of many. My parents have always taught me to work passionately and be dedicated to being accomplished and successful. Money is obviously the byproduct of working hard and gaining a foothold in whichever industry you’re in”.

The twenty-year-old boy is already very famous on Instagram and is helping people by motivating everyone to follow their dreams. He tries to be with his Instagram family by doing different activities on Instagram.

The youngest car reviewer in India is very positive and motivational. He always looks for the opportunity to spread positivity everywhere he goes. He is not only trying to help people to change their lives towards positivity by creating videos but during the pandemic, he was very actively carrying out food for people in need and the best point was he distributed the food packages all by himself which shows that how responsible and thoughtful he is towards the society. Besides food and water, he has distributed masks and sanitizer to people in need so that they would not come in contact with the COVID-19 virus.

The young boy dreams of creating an India where the people can easily follow their passion and in return would be creating equal opportunity for himself as well. Follow the motivated and the highly passionate boy on Instagram and subscribe to his YouTube channel if you haven’t already.

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