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Politician Pravin Mali sets an example with his innovative approaches


Politics is an essential part of life, whether or not people acknowledge it, everyone has been a part of some political agenda. Its importance cannot be ignored and successful campaigning to bring change creates an integral portion of the discipline. The youth of the country need more than basic social and political reform, they desire a change that will create an environment of cooperation and improvement, following this ideology, Pravin Mali, a young politician from Gujarat plans to be the voice of change for the youth of the country.

Pravin Mali has been a part of several campaigns like Solar Roof Project, Swachh Bharat Movement, LED Street Light Project, SCADA system, and door to door waste collection. The brilliant man has a bachelor’s degree in Commerce and has completed his post-graduation from H.L. College in international business. His public relation skills coupled with futuristic ideas has led to several changes in not only Gujarat but in many parts of the country. Pravin Mali has extensively worked on several social projects. He has arranged blood donation camps, improved sanitary facilities, and constituted Mali Samaj Yuva Sangathan. He has always played a pivotal role in the implementation and explanation of the Farmers Act 2020.

Pravin Mali plans to give a “digital makeover” to the country and improve the structure of the society holistically. Mali has received a lot of love and appreciation from peers and followers for his work and promises to work tirelessly to create a country free from corruption. He has also been invited to several UN meetings to discuss ideas, concepts, and talk about various political campaigns. The man has created a substantial difference in the political scenario of the country.

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