Plan Your Beach Perfect, Summer Loving Trip To Mauritius

The summers are finally here and with it, they bring the prospect of beaches, white sands, blue oceans and practically just lazing around doing nothing of production.

The dream visual of it is enough to distract you from your work right now, am I right?

But turns out that a trip to Mauritius is not that far off or impossible as you might think. Instead, let me bring you a fully crafted itinerary on how to go about planning your summer perfect trip to Mauritius.

After all, there is a pretty big reason why the place is called the Paradise Island. Mauritius tourism is already renowned for its amazing hospitality and the ambiance of the place in general. So let’s get on with it, shall we?

  1. Travel Time And Flight:

A good time to travel to Mauritius would be in June. I know, I know, that it is the peak time, but peak times have their own advantages that offseason don’t have.

A lot of local restaurants and cafés are open during this time, water sports abound and just generally being around so many happy tourists who are there to have a good time fills the air with a certain sense of joy that might not be present during the off season.

As for the flight, I would recommend Air Mauritius, and there are a couple of reasons for doing so. One they have decent enough rates and two is that they have direct and convenient flight operations. The journey is barely a low 7 hours and 30 mins give or take a few minutes.

Oh but a word of advice would be to plan the dates of your trip carefully as Air Mauritius does not have daily flights from Delhi. So make sure that you see which days they are flying before making any other arrangements.

trip to mauritius

  1. Visa:

Now, as if the paradise quality of Mauritius was not enough to make you book your tickets then perhaps these 3 words might change your mind:

Visa. On. Arrival.

Yes, no headache for visa application, no having to start arranging for visa 6 to a 1 year in advance or going through the nerve-wracking time of wondering whether your application was approved or not.

Mauritius is one of the few countries that offers Visa on arrival for Indian citizens.

4. To Hotel Or Not To Hotel:

Now, Mauritius is not a cheap place in itself, and hey you are going there to unwind. So the best way to do so is doing it the right way, one of which is staying at Sofitel Hotel.

You probably don’t think 5 star and affordable go together, do you?

Well, get ready to do so, because Sofitel Hotel is one of the cheapest 5-star hotels in Mauritius. I understand that after travelling to such an expensive island, you would want to save money on the lodgings.

But imagine, you are getting a 5-star hotel in hardly 15,000 per night, if that is not a steal then I don’t know what is.

By staying here not only do you get all the 5-star facilities but also don’t have to pay a debt the size of a small country.

Also, the location of the hotel just makes the deal that much sweeter.

trip to mauritius

4. Two Things You Cannot Miss In Mauritius:

Alright, since we have dealt with all the more important and serious work, let us get on to the fun part of the trip that is sightseeing.

You might be seeing a lot of lists that compile this long list of places and thing to do, which frankly is not possible even if you spend a year there.

But let me tell you of the 2 things that you just cannot afford to miss when you’re here:

– Chamarel:

trip to mauritius

This small village located in the south of Mauritius is most known for its 7 coloured earth. And I am not joking or making this up, this is completely true.

Chamarel has this whole area of dunes that are made up of 7 different colours from red to purples to yellows to pinks and many more.

This is due to the volcanic rocks cooling at different temperatures and giving each its unique colour.

You cannot take this in through a photo or video, but you actually have to go there and take in the magnificence yourself.

– Black River National Park or Le Morne

Yes, I know I said two, but both of these are pretty similar in their offerings that is nature, that I thought it would be fine to give you all a choice.

While the Black River National Park is perfect for the nature lovers and those who want to spend some time trekking and all, Le Morne is a must for history geeks.

trip to mauritius

Declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2008, not only this village not only houses a lot of Mauritian history in it, but the beaches at Le Morne are not to be missed.

trip to mauritius

So these were a couple of tips that you can take when planning your trip to Mauritius. But the end points being that do go to this wonderful place at once and do whatever you feel like.

Image Credits: Google Images

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