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Pixel- Made By Google: Unveiling Google’s Latest Smartphone


Old technologies are supplanted by new ones and the new ones are superseded by newer ones. The world of technology is always revamping itself, every minute to be precise. Google’s Pixel is just another example of one such revamp with a slightly major modification.


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So we all have heard about Google’s Nexus smartphone series right? Simple, economical and innovative, Nexus series were doing pretty well but couldn’t create a fuzz amongst the high-end customers of the market

Result- Decision to release Pixel. Google’s Pixel is launched doubly with Pixel XL that pretty quickly reminds us of well, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

Not just that, the release of Pixel phones also brings about the revelation of Google’s recently launched Allo and Duo apps, which are nothing but Google’s equivalent to iMessage and Facetime.


Now that you’re briefed let’s venture into the review of Google’s latest gift to the world of technology:

  1. Inbuilt Google Assistant

An instant messaging based intelligent personal assistant, Google Assistant would come built-in in the Pixel phones.

The highlights of Google Assistant is that it suggests what you might be thinking, for a reply to an answer and accentuates your texts by easily increasing or reducing their sizes.


  1. Companion apps Duo & Allo

With Pixel comes another in-built feature of Google that is trying to take on the iMessage & Facetime game for Android phones.

It’s actually pretty same technically, nothing to look out for.


  1. Google’s Hardware

So the thing with Pixel that actually caught the most attention is undoubtedly it’s brand name association with the hardware of the phone.

Even though the hardware is actually manufactured by HTC, Google’s say in it will be the deciding factor.

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  1. The Tech Specs

Google’s technology is one of the most affordable and economic ones in the market. I mean look at Android.

The display is 5-inch full HD with a 4GB RAM, 12MP rear and 8MP front camera.

The phone comes with a fingerprint scanner and has a Snapdragon 821 0.15GHz + 1.6GHz quad core qualcomm processor as opposed to Nexus 5X that comes with a 1.8GHz six core Snapdragon 808.

Pixel would be released with the latest Android 7.0 Nougat.


  1. The Design

No wonder the phone does impart a sense of oddness when you first glance at it, but it won’t be long before it gets habitual.

Pixel is a small phone built with a complete glass and metal body. It weighs 143g which is makes it a little heavier than Nexus 5X.

Another thing that Google failed to incorporate in this high-end series of its smartphones is a body that is water-resistant.


  1. The Price

Google’s Pixel would come primarily in two variants 32GB model that would cost around Rs 57,000 ($649), while the 128GB model will come with a price tag of Rs 66,000 ($749).


So suffice it to say, Google is trying really hard to make its way to the premium users market. That actually leads us to the question of wondering where the fate of Nexus users will lie now?

The decision to move over to high-end market with Pixel products makes Nexus users the second citizens for Google.

The only reason why people loved Nexus was in fact, the first in line for the essential first citizen treatment by Google for all its Android releases.

Now with Google rolling out Pixel with such lustre, that’ll be gone.

Whether or not Pixel would be able to put up a tough fight amongst its competitors is yet to be determined but the future seems bleak to me right now.

Instead of collecting its customers, Google is only splitting them out right now. We shall wait for the release of Pixel to find out how much mettle does this smartphone actually possess.

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