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Persuade your Aroma


Fragrances can be more persuasive than any possible human activity like words, actions, emotions, etc. The only thing that matters is the choice of incenses. Men don’t wear perfumes just for the sake of women but also for their own class. So here are 10 best perfumes for men that have been ranked on the basis of their fragrance.

10. Ralph Lauren Polo Blue Sport: – If adventure and adrenaline thrills you, this is the one you need to opt for. It boosts your spirits up high to go on an enthralling ride. MRP of this perfume is 43 pounds only. Give it a try and you’ll rejoice the energy transferring inside you.


9. Paco Rabanne 1 Million: – It is structured full of contrasts, a fresh concoction of tangy fruits, daring cinnamon and intense spices. It’s bold, irresistible and addictive. 1 Million Is a seductive scent with flamboyant masculinity. MRP of this perfume is 37.99 pounds only.


8. Diesel Only the Brave Tattoo: – This was a well appreciated perfume by men worldwide and it contains crisp apple, tobacco and apple wood. And this perfume costs 40 pounds only.


7. Bleu de Chanel: – This is one of a kind profoundly sensual scent which is a bliss of citrus, sandalwood and grapefruit. Bleu de Chanel defies convention unlike any other. It costs just 44.50 pounds.


6. Burberry Brit Summer: – The most popular and gigantically favored perfume all over The U.S.A. It costs approximately 47 pounds and is best suited, as the name suggests, for summer. Brilliantly designed bottles and charming smell, which contains mixture of Tonka beans, zingy lime and patchouli.


5. Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male: – Jean Paul Gautier’s Le Male combines a unique scent and distinctive bottle design, which has proved a hit a long time ago. It contains vibrant mint and sensual vanilla, making it good enough to drink. It has been one of the perfume shops best seller and costs 37.99 pounds only.


4. Hugo Red by Hugo Boss: – Though this is an age old perfume, it still has its own charms. As it’s believed this scent contains hot and cold, solid and liquid. It comes for 82 dollars. It contains grapefruit rhubarb with hot amber dry down and Boss nails it again.


3. The Game by Davidoff: – The game isn’t quite cheesy as it seems. But again the better it goes the more criticism it gets to make it the best. It is composed of juniper berries which fade to reveal a base of dark woods.


2. Giorgio Armani, Armani code pour Homme: – Much like an Armani suit, Armani Code is seductive and modern redolence designed for the contemporary male. Costing 44.50 pounds, it is a powerful blend of leather, amber accord, precious woods and Tonka bean. This alluring scent is an excellent option.


1. Lacoste Eau de Lacoste L.12.12 Rouge: – The latest addition to the Eau de Lacoste portfolio is a versatile collection with a scent for every mood: powerful and fresh; crisp and pure; or relaxed and casual. Topping the list this is a charming combination of cardamom, ginger, black pepper and unknowingly red bottle make men feel stiff and hard. And the price being just 25 pounds makes this perfume a shining star among millions of people.




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