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Crazy Comparisons: Paranthas And Yogurt From The Desi Breakfast Diaries


From Cherryy Chauhan

Move over, burgers and pancakes. It’s desi breakfast time. The joy of waking up to eat that golden-brown, freshly cooked parantha shimmering with desi ghee and garnished with some gorgeous butter curls and sour pickle is absolutely tempting. Couple it with some yogurt and voila! There you have it, your ever delicious healthy desi breakfast.


Yummy yummy yummy I’ve got Dahi vich aloo da parantha in my tummy!

While Paranthas taste marvelous when coupled with some yogurt, they both have their individual personalities. Parantha is more of a Timon of the platter and yogurt is like Pumbaa. You know Timon and Pumbaa, right? Because they are pretty much the best best-friends the cartoon world ever produced. Google em’ if you didn’t catch that reference. Anyways let’s get down to business.


Paranthas are tasty. Yogurt is tasty. Meh, end of story.



Paranthas are basically cooked with whole wheat dough rolled into a circular shape with different kinds of stuffing inside it. The stuffing could range from a wide variety of vegetable fillings such as mashed potatoes, boiled carrots, onions and what not.


Yogurt is made out of milk and some bacteria. It’s a whole physical change to chemical change thing. Yeah, you better just go and buy one from Mother Dairy and not get into the chemistry of it.



Yogurt is bright white and Paranthas are not. But we never judge on the basis of color, because we ain’t racist, people! Which is why we love them both. Equally.



OK, now this is serious. A homemade aloo parantha has nearly 150-350 calories per serving while yogurts have a calorie range of 20-100 calories per cup. But I say, don’t ever care about calories when you eat. They mess up your appetite and make you conscious. Just eat right and eat healthy.


Well now that the crazy comparison between Timon and Pumbaa of desi breakfast has been done, it suffices to say that they both belong together. Just like Raj & Simran . Excuse my never ending love for metaphors. But really, both parantha and yogurt are wonderful delights that kick off our mornings with the much-needed energy and taste. They complement each other and are simply delish. Whether you are having just yogurt or just parantha, they both have their individual perks and are awesome when clubbed with each other. So what are you waiting for? Go grab some desi breakfast and nurture the delicacies with utmost joy and lust. Because.. I told you to.

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