With the rising economic crisis all over Pakistan, even residents living in the rich colonies have complained about the shortage of gas in the country. The situation has become so grave that the people are not even able to cook their daily meals.

Plastic balloons filled with cooking gas

The people of Pakistan began their new year of 2023 under very wretched circumstances, caused by the country’s unstable financial status. However, to overcome the gas crisis, the locals were seen filling up plastic balloons with cooking gas.

Incident In Detail

Pakistan’s New Year celebrations seem to have been marred by the increasing shortage of cooking gas in the country. The condition has only worsened over the last few weeks; the people are not even able to prepare their daily meals. From locals to wealthy families, every citizen of Pakistan is a victim of the crippling gas crisis.

Karachi, the financial capital of Pakistan, is in very bad shape. The chief supplier of Karachi, Sui Southern Gas Company, has let down the city by not being able to deliver the amount of gas it promised to supply.

The local citizens experienced prolonged and sudden fits of gas load-shedding throughout the month of December.

An inhabitant of Karachi told the press, “Earlier, there was gas load shedding, but there was still gas for meal times. Now there is no specific time for the loadshedding. We don’t have any gas for two to three weeks, too, at a stretch. It’s not even there during mealtimes.”

Difficulties Faced By The People

The Pakistanis have been going through a very difficult time amidst the gas crisis. Electric burners and microwaves can be alternatives, but not a permanent solution. In addition to this, gas bills have been another cause of distress for the people, even when the suppliers are unable to provide sufficient gas to the citizens of the country.

An inhabitant of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa told the press, “Since there is no gas to cook food, we had to buy an LPG cylinder. However, for someone whose monthly budget is Rs25,000 to Rs. 30,000 this alternative is highly unaffordable.”

Keeping up with the finances has become a major problem for Pakistanis. With respect to the storing of gas in plastic bags and balloons, one of the local residents claimed, “There are warnings about these plastic bags causing gas explosions, but, firstly, I haven’t heard about any such mishap, and secondly, even if these fears are true, we [poor people] have no other choice due to expensive cylinders.”

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Filling Up Balloons With Cooking Gas

The internet was recently flooded with videos of Pakistanis from all over the country filling up plastic balloons with cooking gas. They were doing so in a desperate attempt to save and store gas amidst the raging economic crisis that has been going on in their country.

One netizen posted a video on Twitter of Pakistani people storing gas in plastic bags and wrote, ”In Pakistan, the practice of using gas packed in plastic bags instead of cylinders for cooking has increased. Gas is sold by filling bags inside the shops connected to the gas pipeline network. People use it in the kitchen with the help of a small electric suction pump.”

However, storing LPG in plastic bags is extremely unsafe, as it can leak and cause an explosion at any time. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and the people of Pakistan are in desperate need of help.

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