New Delhi (India), July 20: Indian brand Doorstep Wash is now taking over the market with its unique concept and thereby serving a large number of people across the country. Now to serve the citizens of Paryagraj, the company has opened its authorized service center in Paryagraj; this facility started operating on the 28th of May. This center is an addition to the large number of centers owned by Doorstep Wash across the Indian subcontinent. With this setup, the company owns around 100 centers across different cities of the country.

Doorstep Wash is a chain brand serving in the automobile sector; the company provides cleaning and detailing services for four-wheelers at the doorsteps of vehicle owners. This, in turn, helps the customers remain at ease and comfort while getting the service. Doorstep Wash was launched when its owner struggled to take his car through traffic at far locations while spending numerous unproductive hours to get the service done. Doorstep Wash has launched its online platform to facilitate the booking of its services. This platform, with an easy-to-use interface, makes it possible for customers of all age groups to book the services.

Along with providing the best-in-class services, the company makes sure that the health of the environment remains unchanged and the cleanliness of the surrounding is maintained. The professionals, office staff, technicians and our high-end portable machines make the complete family of Doorstep Wash. Technicians, and machines get the work done at the ground level while the professionals ensure a free-flowing structure of the company.

To ensure that the services of the company reach the masses, Doorstep Wash is launching more and more of its authorized centers by collaborating with local business persons, making them the business partners. The company promises to yield benefits for a lifetime and to provide initial assistance. Interested businesspersons can reach them through their website or toll-free number.


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