Social attitudes towards online gambling in India have softened considerably over the last few years, with many international casinos now accepting players from the country. This means gamers can now enjoy all the action and adventure of the latest games delivered by the top production companies.

Many Indian players really tend to go for the big name movie tie-ins. Chris Pratt is back with Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and the slot is already hitting the top of the popularity charts. So what is it that’s been fuelling such an up and coming interest in big name slots and online gambing like Casino NetBet and others?

Here are a few of the major reasons.

More Relaxed & Tolerant Regulation

As would be expected from such a large and diverse country, attitudes towards online gaming vary across India. Some states are completely open to permitting legal access to both domestic and international casinos, others still take a rather dim view.

However as an overall trend even though the legality remains a somewhat gray area, people aren’t going to be prosecuted for enjoying some online casino games.

Currently, the government does not issue regulatory licenses for domestic online casinos, but this is mainly because there are no exact rules in place! Players instead enjoy their games on casinos that are based overseas.

Technology Drives Uptake In Casino Games

India is currently enjoying a spectacular tech boom that has been fostered thanks to much-improved communications infrastructure and web accessibility. This has been particularly important in regards to enabling people to play games on their smartphones.

India is proving to be no different from many other countries in the world that have seen mobile slots – both for free/fun and money play – become much more popular over the course of this decade.

At the time of writing, there are thought to be the second highest smartphone users in the world, in India. That’s a lot of potential casino gamers! Tablets are still comparatively rare (just over 4 million) but uptake is running at nearly 60%/year.

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Easier To Deposit

Basically, there’s very little restriction on casino access nowadays within India. Although sites that accept the Rupee remain comparatively rare, most Indians are well aware of the GBP/USD which the majority of internationally operating casinos accept.

One sticking bloc in the past has been the comparatively low level of people with credit cards. In recent years this has considerably grown, especially among younger demographics who are the main market for online gambling.

Naturally, this makes it much easier to place deposits and make withdrawals – the ever growing popularity of online financial services such as PayPal has also been a driving factor.

Top Games Are Now Available

All of these points raised so far have made India one of the hottest markets for the largest casino sites.

It only stands to reason that now that these games are available online gambling is going to continue to become even more popular. Studies have suggested that while men tend to play casino games for excitement and profit, many Indian women are enjoying games largely on ‘free play’ just to aid relaxation.

Either way, there’s no sign so far that this trend is going to slow down anytime soon – especially as the main casinos are now accelerating their promotional activities to attract many new players.

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