Implanting a chip inside of a human, sounds to be coming straight from a Hollywood sci-fi movie where the evil government body puts such chips inside of their citizens to keep a track of them.

But perhaps that future is not that far as a US-based company in New York already seems well on the way to bringing that fictional setting into our reality.

The news as per sources is that New York based tech company Three Square Market or 32M is going to start implanting a RFID chip in their employees’ bodies which will come to serve a lot of different purposes.

Now, mind you that this is not mandatory and the company has offered an alternative wherein those who don’t want to get the implant can have the chip placed in a ‘smart ring’ or a RFID wristband.

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What Is The Purpose Of This Chip?

The RFID or Radio-Frequency Identification microchip will be used mainly to let employees log in to their computers, share business cards, use the fax and copy machine and etc.

The CEO, Todd Wesby also foresees the use of this chip extending to even mundane tasks like unlocking phones, open doors, and storing of the employees’ medical information. Wesby also believes that the technology will become common along the way and that one can use it as a passport, in public transport and more.

As per reports, the chip will be using NFC or the ‘Near Field Communication’ technology that has also been used in contact-less mobile payments or credit cards.

The chipping ceremony will be held at the 32M inaugural ‘chip party’ and the company is collaborating with BioHax a Sweden based company for this initiative.

But Have We Wondered Of The Flip Side To It?

But shouldn’t we also look at the flip side to this kind of a programme and how invasive it can actually be?

As of now, we don’t really know how much control the company has over the chip, what all information they can access or what new policy they might introduce in the future for more monitoring.

While the ‘smart ring’ does sound a little better, but company policies can quickly change and they could add in bits that can be seen as intrusive.

What will the employees do then?

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