On Friday, June 10, Belagavi’s Fort Road revealed the effigy of suspended BJP leader Nupur Sharma, which was discovered hanging from cables there. According to the police, the effigy was hung up at night and taken down when they noticed it in the morning.

Providing a little bit of context here. Earlier this month, after numerous Gulf nations denounced her allegedly disrespectful comments regarding Prophet Muhammad during a news debate on Times Now, BJP politician Nupur Sharma was demoted to the position of party spokeswoman on June 5. On May 26, the remarks were made during a debate about the ongoing Gyanvapi Mosque controversy.

On June 1, Naveen Jindal, the party’s media director in Delhi at the time, mirrored Sharma’s opinions on Twitter. Jindal was dismissed from the BJP for his disparaging comments about the religious leader.

Since then, there were protests against the BJP leaders’ remarks on Prophet Muhammad around the nation, which were followed by arrests. On June 3, violence broke out in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, after a group of demonstrators demanded that shops close, a request that the business owners rejected.

Thereafter, on June 10, violent protests against the BJP leaders’ remarks shook Ranchi, purportedly resulting in the deaths of two teens and the injuries of over 20 more.

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On June 12, trains in West Bengal were vandalised as protests moved from the Howrah district to the north of Nadia as well as the Murshidabad districts. Up to 100 people have been detained so far.

Sharma and her family were given security by the Delhi Police after she filed a complaint. According to Sharma, she had been receiving death threats as a result of her offensive comments about Prophet Mohammad. She had requested police protection due to threats and harassment she had received.

However, in the matter of the hanging effigy of Nupur Sharma, three people have been arrested by the police. They were later identified as Aman Mokashi, Mahmad Soheb and Arbaj Mokash as reported by the Siasat Daily.

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