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College Student? Must Be Frickin’ Lazy – Nuances Of A Lazy Student


Energy conservation is a goal of the UN, and so is of us students (Or should I say Lazy Student? ;) ). We students know how to survive by doing the minimum amount of work. Our existence depends upon the amount of energy we can save by either not doing or skipping the work we were supposed to do trillion semesters ago. We students are nothing less than tomatoes.


Exam Strategy

Stressed out during exams but still zero damns to spare. Exams – the most important thing on which a student’s entire future depends upon and even in that they have topped the phenomenon of laziness. If there is a gap of 3 days between exams then the possibility of studying dips to 1%. But still, students are superb in managing to pass. And not just passing, some of us manage to score high even after studying minimum.


P.S.: I study 1 hour for a 3-hour exam and still manage to fill the whole shit (I mean sheet).

Laziness v/s Selfishness

Negating the laziness tendency is hard, and only selfish interests or rather needs are the exceptions. Things like Wi-fi, mobile/laptop charger, and attendance are most dear to us. All day we would not raise a single finger but when the battery is about to die we would run faster than Usain Bolt to get it.


Similar is with Wifi. “Internet is our birth right and we shall have it”.

In classrooms, once the attendance is done, we either doze off or find a gateway to escape the class without the teacher noticing our existence.

Proxy – Rocksi

The idea is to befriend a student who is regular to classes. The 75% attendance requirement is fulfilled in order to sit (shit) in exams. The full responsibility or burden of attendance is shifted on that friend. He is like a key to the prison in which we’re locked.


You sleeping till 12 PM, probably because you played CS the entire night, and your mate marking your attendance. A dream come true. Heaven indeed.

Home Coming

All the year round college students wait for the holidays to come so that they could run home. Their idea of home is a little different. For students, Home is the place where they could complete an entire TV series in one sitting, no matter how many days it takes, without letting fungus grow across them.


That is something which requires talent in abundance, even though India’s Got Talent won’t entertain this.


If you are a true lazy & stupid college student then you can relate with any or all of the things mentioned above.

Hence Proved. Students rock at everything, including laziness.

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Prateek Gupta
Prateek Gupta
Law student who cares and writes.



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