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Until November by Aurora Rose Reynolds: Review


18341046By Amy Rachiele, M. Ed., Indie Author

The most significant element in the story of Until November that stands out to me is the character November. I felt a major connection with her through the prose. I truly liked her. Sometimes that’s not the case in novels. I thought she was witty, strong, and resilient considering her upbringing. Beast, her dog, was great and I actually wish there was more of him in the book. He was a great confidant to November and a savior.

Asher, the male lead, is a tough alpha male persona. He rocks the demanding, possessive, and all around “can do everything” from build you a house or bounce people from your club. He has a background of a “player.”  He has a strong need to conquer and be the “caveman,” an important trait in an alpha-male character in my opinion.

The concept of love at first sight has been dealt with before and will be done again because of its intriguing nature. I enjoyed this encounter because I felt there was enough background information from both characters to substantiate its development.  The encounter was funny, serious, and held a hint of confusion.

The tale of November and Asher mixed a tumble of romance, action, and thick contextual essentials to weave into an engaging piece.  Until November is not shy of spicy scenes, lovable chemistry, and suspense. If you have read other books in the genre of romantic erotica, you will enjoy this book.


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