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“Nothing is More Heartbreaking than the Effects that Addiction has had on Children”, says Andrew Hager of Boca Recovery Center


Andrew Hager is a Blessing in Disguise for All Drug Addicts who wants to Lead a Happy and Healthy Life 

They say that life is what you make of it. And if you look closely, you will find so many people around you who are making their lives better every day. These are the people who accept their past, live in the present, and work for the bright future. No matter from where you come and what you do, it can hardly predict how far you will go in life. One such person is Andrew Hager, who has gone against all odds to make his life worth living for and inspire others as well. Who is he and how is he inspiring others? Well, in this article let’s discuss the inspiring story of Andrew Hager from being a drug addict to becoming a motivational speaker and trainer.

Andrew Hager hails from an odd family in Kentucky’s Lexington city. He was raised by his grandparents who behaved unpleasantly. He lost his father in a severe car accident days before he was born. Andrew’s mother, Cathy Townsend, was just fifteen when she gave birth to him. She became pregnant with her second husband and left Andrew to his grandparents. That was one of the toughest times of his life. Andrew’s childhood was filled with lots of struggles and problems. “Andrew grew up in a poor neighborhood, and that he and his grandmother would dumpster dive for aluminum cans, to sell for money.” 

His grandparents used to drink alcohol a lot. And after they’ve gone unconscious, they tend to abuse each other shamefully. This happens almost every day, which adversely affected Andrew’s mind and thoughts being a small kid. Everybody around the town knows about his family. So, Andrew was afraid of facing the kids around the place. As Andrew’s mom has left him, he didn’t have the funds to educate himself and pay the school fees.  

The motivational speaker was also treated harshly at school. In his words, “Nothing is More Heartbreaking than the Effects that Addiction has had on Children.”And he says this out of his own experience. Due to his family problems, he was not given appropriate attention from his friends and faculties alike. Some teachers would treat him as a special student while some called him a ‘slow learner.’ When he reached home, his grandparents left no stone unturned to harass him mentally. They used to call him ‘dumb and stupid.’ This made Andrew feel ashamed of him and he went into the darkest phase of his life. But he never gave up on his efforts of coming out of this. “Andrew never went to high school and at the age of seventeen, he became a father for which he was not ready for it.”

As he didn’t have the money to pay for the school fee, he got involved in drug dealing. At the age of 14, he tried out alcohol for the first time. Since then, Andrew kept on consuming different types of drugs with his cool friends who used to push him deeper into the darkness. At the age of 18, there was hardly any type of drugs he hadn’t tried.  

Andrew also went for detox. Describing the experience, he said “Detox was bad.  It’s the worst feeling and sickness that anyone can go through.” Soon, he came across a policeman who taught him good things in life and inspired him to become a good person. It was not easy for Andrew to get back on the track of living his life. But he refused to give up. Andrew committed himself to leave drug addiction by hook or crook. And he did it with the help of treatments and that policeman. 

Today, Andrew Hager is treated as one of the most renowned motivational speakers for drug addicts. He has partnered with Boca Recovery Center to treat drug addicts and help them lead a happy and healthy life once again. He conducts different programs like “SICK” – Serving Individuals through Caring and Kindness and “Recovery Radio FM.” He conducts weekly live sessions on his Facebook page, which has a huge fan base. People across the countries join the session and ask for help related to drug addiction and its treatment. Andrew Hager is now among the most cheerful motivational speakers and an inspiring person. 



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