For a long time, I heard my friends talk about Diggin. After so much build up, I really had very high expectations from this place. Sadly, it didn’t live up to my expectations.

Let’s analyse the good and the bad in this article or as we like to call them: the Woohs and the Mehs.

Before that, for those of you who aren’t aware: Diggin is a cafe in Anand Lok, right opposite Gargi College of Delhi University. You can take an auto from Green Park metro station to reach here.

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Jumping to the WOOHS now

The best part about visiting Diggin is definitely it’s decor. It has a beautiful outdoor seating and has greenery (and colourful flowers in Spring) all around. The café is a photographer’s paradise!

Ain’t this a pretty decor?

The café gives off a Christmasy vibe because of the candid decor. It must be quite nice to have a meal with friends or family on a cool breezy evening. I can bet that winters keep the place occupied the most, just because of the decor.

The staff here is pretty chill. Mostly women, probably to meet the Gargi College vibe which is right opposite to it. The service is quite fast and the staff was sweet enough to make the changes that I asked them to about a drink that I ordered.

Margherita Pizza was the best thing I ordered that day!

Lastly, out of everything I ordered, the Margherita Pizza turned out to be good! Yay.

Coming to the MEHS

Well, time to justify the title now. Diggin didn’t live up to my expectations because of the FOOD. I can’t rate a café high if it doesn’t serve good food. The food was quite average to say the least.

Diggin 1
I had to ask them to add crushed ice. I thought Summer Coolers were supposed to be chilled, huh?

They served drinks which weren’t chilled at all. The Chicken in my Pasta tasted raw and on top of it, there were mosquitoes all around. You can not expect someone to have a meal midst insects, can you?

Eh, the Chicken tasted a little raw for my taste!

PS: A little Sheldon like complaint here. I really have a small bladder. They have one washroom and that too on the first floor. I had some good exercise that day, I must say!

Time for my VERDICT for the Diggin Café

I am definitely not digging in, in Diggin one more time. It’s like the classic example of ‘too much build up’ spoiling a show, movie or a place.

Visit it only for desserts and a little photography, that too in winters. If you can’t have your meal in the perfect outdoor seating, why do you want to waste your time and money?

I don’t really rate food and cafés this low but just to be true to the lord of food, Diggin gets 2.5 stars from me.

Agree with us? Let us know in the comments below.

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