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Nord Finance Raises $1.23m in Seed and Private sale and announces IDO on leading Cross-Chain Auction Protocol PolkaStarter


Bangalore, India – We are overwhelmed to announce that we have successfully closed our seed and private sale funding rounds with strong investment support from strategic partners. Nord Finance announces the closure of the funding round totalling $1.23 million in investment. So far, the response has been phenomenal. With the injection of fresh capital, we at Nord Finance focus on building an advanced decentralized financial ecosystem with the essence of traditional finance counterparts.

The funding round captivated notable investors’ attention, including Amesten Capital, Etienne vantKruys, Blackdragon, Amplifi Capital, X21 Digital and Twinapex Capital. We were also fortunate to receive strategic guidance and investment from founders of famous DeFi projects, including Frontier, Orion, DeFi dollar, and Biconomy, to thrive towards a common goal of bringing DeFi to mainstream adoption.

On a mission to make Decentralized Finance accessible.

Nord Finance envisions unleashing the massive potential of DeFi by building an advanced ecosystem favouring multi-chain interoperability and Zero-cost transactions beyond the purview of existing DeFi players. The idea is to simplify investment for users to accomplish their financial goals. It focuses on offering a plethora of financial products ranging from yield farming aggregation to Robo-advisory services.

Nord Finance further streamlines its initial roadmap by launching its IDO public sale on the leading cross-chain auction protocol, PolkaStarter, to conduct a fair launch in a decentralized manner without any manipulations. Followed by this, it will carry out its listing process on DEX Unicorn, Uniswap to drive adoption in the DeFi community.

With our current product suite constituting decentralized applications such as Nord Savings, Nord Advisory, Nord loans, and Nord Swap, we aim to simplify financial investments in the DeFi landscape. The current fundraising will allow us to build sleek and intuitive products to cater to the rising needs of the decentralized financial ecosystem. The contributions will also foster strategic relationships and fuel global and regional marketing efforts to drive DeFi adoption to the mainstream. With the introduction of fresh funds, we also aim to create a personalized user experience for platform users by building products that suit their financial needs in a decentralized way.

The Nord Finance team would like to express their gratitude to the community and investors for their incredible support in our journey of driving DeFi to the masses. We will always be indebted for the immense trust you have put in us.

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