January 3: Hyderabad is one of the largest metropolitan cities in India today. This city has everything for everyone, from the nightlife and buzzing film industry to the technology-savvy IT parks. Whether you are a middle-aged couple looking to settle or a young professional looking for better educational and employment opportunities, there is something great about this city that attracts people from all corners of the country. As you can tell, I am simply in love with this ‘Nawabi City’ that has helped me find shelter in 3 different homes over the past few years. 

However, one thing that irritates me about Hyderabad is that so little information about trusted service providers is available online or offline! Just a few months ago, I was planning to shift from my rental apartment in Madhapur to my new apartment in the expensive area of Banjara Hills. Packing, moving and unpacking is one of the most critical aspects of moving houses, and after searching for the right vendor, I quickly realized that it was going to be a difficult task! 

A colleague of mine told me that Nobroker’s online portal has a list of highly-rated vendors. After checking nobroker packers and movers reviews, I was pleasantly shocked to see so many people rave about the vendors’ kind of service. After trying the service and successfully shifting all the furniture into my new house in Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, I wanted to blog my thoughts and help fellow house movers. 

How Does One Book Packers and Movers Service in Hyderabad on NoBroker?

While reading my nobroker packers and movers review, all the readers must be wondering is how does one go about checking the price and booking the service? Let me assure you that the process is fairly simple, and the entire booking cycle can be done in just a few minutes!

Step 1 – Download the Nobroker mobile application on your Android or Apple phone and search for packers and movers. OR

You can also visit their website at Nobroker.in and search from your computer directly. 

Step 2 – Enter the city that you want; in my case, it was Hyderabad (obviously!), and then the app or the website will show you several vendors, with no broker movers and packers review and ratings given by actual users who have used the vendors for the services! 

Step 3 – Enter important details such as the current location (Madhapur), a detailed list of furniture items, and the drop location (Banjara Hills). This is important as the actual quote of the service will be determined by the information you disclose! 

Step 4 – Once you have entered the details, you will get quotes for the “Lite” and “Advanced” package for the packers and movers. I chose the advanced package as I had heavy furniture items and plenty of electronic items that needed extra care while packing and shifting. The vendor that I chose was changing me around Rs. 12,000!

Step 5 – Once everything was finalized, I was pleasantly surprised to know that Nobroker had appointed a dedicated “relationship manager” who would help me during this entire process!

Hassle-free Packing Done with Utmost Care!

If you wonder why there are many positive no broker packers and movers reviews and ratings, you will get all the answers from here on! On the day of the scheduled visit for packing, I got a call from Nobroker’s relationship manager, who assured me that the vendor had left for my house in Madhapur and would reach in 40 minutes! 

To my surprise, 4 people with the loading truck arrived on time. They immediately started asking me about the fragile furniture items and needed extra care while packing and transporting. I informed them that items such as my LED TV, center table, coffee maker, music system, crockery, files were the only items that needed to be packed with extra layers of wrapping.  

The packaging of the items was then carried out over the next 2 odd hours. The team had a lot of work! But they packed everything with such ease and calmness that I was shocked! The team carefully disassembled my two queen-sized beds, dining table and also packed my large L-shaped sofa with plenty of plastic wraps. The way white packing was done was enough for me to immediately leave an amazing nobroker movers and packers review on the portal, but the job was not finished!

Shifting and Unloading – An End-to-End Smooth Process  

The team seamlessly loaded all the packed furniture to the truck and then transported it to the new house in Banjara Hills. While the items were in transit, the relationship manager assigned to me by Nobroker called me again to ensure that the packaging was up to my liking and that the team was safe while doing so. 

Once I realized that every furniture item was successfully transported to my new house with the utmost care, I had already decided that my experience deserved a no broker movers and packers review blog as I was already sure that the unpacking and assembly of the furniture in my new house were going to be done smoothly!

As expected, the team helped me put the entire furniture as I wanted. They ensured that fragile items such as electronics and crockery were assembled first to avoid last-minute accidents and breakage. 

3 Reasons Why I Would Recommend Nobroker Packers and Movers in Hyderabad

  • Easy Booking Process

Anyone with a mobile phone or a computer can book the desired service within minutes! The process is easy to understand, and that is one of the main reasons I liked booking through the online portal. 

  • Large list of Vendors

One of the toughest tasks is to find trusted vendors that will agree to service in your area in the city. Nobroker already has A huge list of vendors that assure you about on-time service and offer a very reasonable charge as well. 

  • Real Reviews and Ratings

One of the main reasons that pursued me to write nobroker packers and movers reviews on the blog is that every vendor on the Nobroker portal is verified and real reviews and ratings. People post pictures of their packing and unpacking, making the reviews even more legitimate! 



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