Water-borne diseases like diarrhea, cholera and typhoid make up a major part of India’s disease burden. To tackle this issue, CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory at Pune has launched a new technique to disinfect water by using natural oils under the guidance of scientist Dr. Vinay M. Bhandari. 

SWASTIIK- A New Technology For Disinfecting Water

According to the Ministry of Science and Technology “Disinfection of water is essential for removing pathogenic microorganisms that are responsible for causing a number of water-borne diseases. However, the common drawbacks of chemical methods of disinfection, such as chlorination, include the formation of harmful or carcinogenic by-products.”

To improve the quality of water among Indian states and union territories, CSIR-NCL with the help of the Water Technology Initiative of the department of science and technology (DST) and the Government of India came up with novel technology called ‘SWASTIIK’ to disinfect water.

The technology is efficient in eliminating harmful bacteria including antibiotic-resistant strains, economically.

“The team achieved complete elimination for gram-negative E. coli and gram-positive S. aureus bacteria, and even antibiotic-resistant or difficult opportunistic pathogenic bacteria typically in 5-10 minutes”, as stated by the ministry.

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How Does It Work? 

The technique involves boiling liquid as a result of pressure reduction (cavitation) and uses natural oils having antimicrobial properties for disinfection. It uses hydrodynamic cavitation, combining chemistry, biology, and chemical engineering with natural resources in the form of natural oils and plant extracts.

It integrates the Indian traditional knowledge of Ayurveda for complete disinfection of water and can also offer health benefits of natural oils, as disclosed by the ministry of science and technology.

A step towards ensuring water quality

This new technology has been developed in the backdrop of the government of India’s National Jal Jeevan Mission which aims to ensure assured tap water supply to all rural households under the “Har Ghar Jal” mission by 2024.

Thus, the new ‘SWASTIIK’ technology for purifying water is a major step towards making India free from rising water-borne diseases in the wake of the second deadly wave of coronavirus.

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