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New Age Advertisements.



The video by Tatia Pllieva titled “First Kiss” shows 20 strangers kissing for the first time. This video begins with awkward hellos, shy smiles and a lot of blushing; all are wearing L.A. fashion label Wren’s fall 2014 clothing collection. Some kisses are quick and cute; some shy while others go on for too long which truly made my eyes pop.  The ending is sweet, not as awkward as the beginning. And it made me wonder if any couple will fall in love. This video became so popular because a range of happy lovable emotions were portrayed in 3 and half minutes and got us all fluffed up from inside. I fell in love with the ad as soon as I saw it; I loved its rawness and its alternative approach to endorse the brand, the cute awkwardness among the actors definitely made me want to watch it again.

This video did get many negative responses from bloggers and online media, some argued that in reality first kisses are a lot more awkward, some said that the people were trained and they knew each other beforehand, basically saying the video was unrealistic, well, the fact remains that nothing was scripted and the spontaneity was what brought out the beauty.

This video gathered 7 million views in 1 day! Watch the video here, if you haven’t watched it yet.

The question remains that will such advertisements be accepted by our countrymen? Will we be able to watch such ads sitting with our parents? Will the people roll their eyes on viewing this? Or will they view them with a certain acceptance in their eyes? Will they be able to swallow this genre of advertisements?

Another one is Schwarzkopf‘s commercial “You- A Declaration of Love” which promotes its shampoo through a couple’s love story. The sensitivity touched me and I know it may sound stupid but I did watch this video an embarrassing number of times, you could feel the longing, the restless among the characters, and the absolute comfort between them. The pure love and the truthfulness in their eyes just gets to you. This 2 minute piece is mainly about the long beautiful strands of the absolutely lovely Kim Engelbrecht but it’s the story that touched us. This video too managed to hit a few million views in a few days. Watch the video here.

A new era of advertisements has commenced, a new level has been achieved, these range of commercials like dove’s “Real Beauty Sketches” (2013), gave the audience something new, something fresh, something that has never been done before, this too had hit more than a 100 million views and had also received a good share of cruelly satirical views. Instead of casting high-profile actors, regular , ‘mango people’ are what the audiences want today, they connect more with them as opposed to the larger-than-life actors as viewers today want advertisements that reflect their reality, touch their hearts and have some meaning attached to them.

This is the onset of a wave of new age advertisements and it looks quite promising.



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