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RBI Issues New 500, 1000 Notes: Creativity At Its Best


Raising a note to light to see Gandhiji’s face on the white blank in order to check the sanctity of a high valued note is too clichéd and too risky. In the ongoing years, rupee notes have seen various modifications by the Reserve Bank of India to make it difficult to counterfeit.

Recently RBI has issued and circulated notes incorporated with three new features. The new features will only be on 500 and 1000 Rupee notes. Check them out:


  1. Ascending size of digit and yes ascending means chote se bada

The long mobile like numbers on the note will now be in ascending size from left to right. I think RBI wants to indirectly show people that the value, or rather sanctity, of money has increased steadily in the passing years and it will continue to happen. Poetic RBI!!

  1. Bleed lines (Inspired by papercuts, I guess)

The notes will now have bleed lines. 5 lines for a 500 rupee note and 6 lines on a 1000 rupee note. Looks like RBI took the phrase “blood money” too seriously. Jokes apart, RBI incorporated these features to facilitate visually impaired people, kudos. #FaithInHumanityRestored

  1. Dots and Diamonds

Enlarged identification marks include black dots for 500 rupee note and diamond for 1000 rupee note. A 1000 rupee note is literally a diamond for me tho. I don’t understand the logic behind this. Were the earlier triangles and dots not working anymore??

The above information has been released by the RBI officially. However if you doubt the validity of this information (coz we know the internet is filled with hoax) you can always visit the official RBI website.

Creativity at its best

It is because of the creativity factor due to which our notes still look the same as it was two decades ago, even after having dozens of modifications. So much economics in RBI but at the end of the day it’s the creativeness which stalls counterfeit, not economics.

Creativity: 1 Economics: 0.


Prateek Gupta
Prateek Gupta
Law student who cares and writes.


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