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Wearing A BowTie? The Essentials You MUST Know


By Rusel D’cruze

Perhaps your friends might tell you a bow-tie is way too old-fashioned, a lot of people think that way. Well on the contrary, the bow-tie is no longer neckwear just for ultra-formal events or the pre-Second World War era. That means you’re up for a powerful style statement if you’re wearing a bow-tie, casually or formally.

Here’s some advice…

  1. When to wear it:

You, yes YOU, CAN wear a bowtie to a hangout or a birthday party. Yes, you can, if you pull it off, which I’m sure you will.

Bowties can be worn casually, however with a different approach than from the pro-formal point of view, but be confident, the casual bow-tie can be nailed when you follow the rules you’re going to read.


Honestly, I needed to build that confidence to keep you going…

Formal Attire

When attending a formal affair, a ‘black tie event’ or ‘white tie event’, the standard black tuxedo must be worn with a black or white bow tie, preferably satin. Pair that with a matching waistcoat and you’ll be perfectly ready! This is not the time to experiment in any way or else you’ll be an outcast.


Semi-Formal Attire       

When attending a semi-formal affair, try experimenting with different patterns and textures in your bow tie. Play with polka dots or striped patterns. Bow ties made with velvet or tweed material add a quirky, new-age approach. You could pair your neckwear with a classic shirt under a nice suit with a cooperative pocket square.


Casual Attire

For casual events, wear whatever your heart desires; No problem. Display your own personal style with liberal patterns and bow ties made with light materials like linen. You could even frame your bow tie with great supporting accessories like suspenders, printed socks, and bright shoelaces.

The greatest support to the proper bowtie look is an air of confidence. Bowties must not appear to eclipse YOU entirely.


  1. Color combos:

Firstly, a shiny bow-tie is formal, a matte one is casual. That being said, black and white bowties are formal. For casual occasions, you could use a more colorful one, maybe one with patterns or print on it to give it a more relaxed appeal. Oh but it must not overshadow your overall look so don’t be too loud with the color when in contrast with the rest of your attire.

Another good idea is to use solid color on either your shirt or your bowtie, and a pattern or print on the other. Using shades of the same color is brilliantly effective because using the same color flattens the appeal.

Being adept at synchronizing colour schemes  will match the perfect colors.

  1. Fabric:

Textures are an acceptable choice. Material like flannel, suiting wools, selvage denim, cotton, seersucker and Madras checks are a good choice for a day wear look.
For evening formal wear, black or white satin. STRICTLY.

Wool textures also give the black formal bow tie a more modern feel.
Patterns like paisleys, polka dots, stripes, checks are stylish combinations with a bow tie.

  1. Sizing your bowtie


There are 3 kinds of bowties. The self-tie, the clip-on and the pre-tied, all self-explanatory. A bow tie is a one-size-fits-all affair. With a little trial and error, any adjustable bow tie should fit a reasonable neck. Adjust your bow tie to your neck size and tie it up to see how it feels. It should be just comfy for your neck (it’s a bowtie, not a noose).

Also, no issues if it’s a bit asymmetrical.

  1. The collar, the vessel

The width of your bowtie should not be greater than the width of your face or that of your collar. The slim line bowtie is best paired with a standard-shaped collar. The standard bowtie, which tends to be a bit broad and big, should be worn with a winged collar and is appropriate for a day wear.

And that’s sufficient info to decently carry a polished bowtie.

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