Entertainment is an integral part of human life. It keeps us alive and sane. In the months of lockdown, entertainment platforms saw a rise in consumer base. It was because people had more free time and chose to turn to OTT platforms to keep them engaged. 

While lockdown has come to an end, people are still sitting in their homes to mitigate the spread of the virus. Eventually, when things will get better, people will leave their homes and may even choose to drop their OTT platform subscriptions. Thus, these platforms may have to witness losses. 

However, Netflix isn’t planning to back down. They have come up with a lucrative idea yet again to increase their viewership.

The StreamFest

India’s population is the second-largest in the world. With the media censorship in China, India remains the biggest market for all sorts of goods and services.

OTT platforms are no exception. Consumerism in India has increased since 1991 and OTT services are making the most out of it.

Netflix is one such OTT platform that aims to expand in India and dominate the Indian entertainment market. In pursuit of the same, Netflix is coming up with the StreamFest on 5th and 6th December 2020.

Throughout the weekend, the world’s largest streaming service would open its gates to Indian customers for free.

For 48 hours, one can watch whatever they like on Netflix, ranging from movies and series to Netflix Originals. 

The streaming service is likely to limit the number of free viewers and access to only standard-definition (SD) streaming would be available. Apart from this, everything is the same. And you don’t even need to enter payment details for signing up.

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How To Access Netflix StreamFest

Since Netflix is offering us a lucrative chance to binge-watch our favourite series and movies for 2 days without paying a penny, how can we dare to deny the offer?

Follow the following steps to access the Netflix StreamFest-

  1. Visit netflix.com/StreamFest. You can also download the Netflix application on your mobile phone.
  2. Sign up with your name, email address or phone number. No credit or debit card details are required. Also, if you already have an old account and would like to use it, you can!
  3. You can also set a reminder that will notify you when the StreamFest is live.

This is all you need to do to stream and watch your favourite content without paying any charges.

Marketing Strategy

With the risk of people opting out of OTT platforms, various platforms like ZEE5, Amazon Prime, and MX Player have increased their advertising. Some of them have also announced new and interesting series while some are launching sequels of previously loved shows.

Additionally, according to a report of CLSA, Netflix has lost about 35% of its active customers since 2020. One of the reasons behind this loss can be homegrown OTT platforms that provide regional and relatable content to the Indian audience.

To overcome these hurdles and re-establish themselves as the market giant, the StreamFest was announced by Netflix India in October 2020. Through this freebie, Netflix would be able to lure numerous new customers and bring back old customers.

While other platforms are extensively marketing through advertisements, Netflix has planned to give prospective customers an experience of their service for free.

Though Netflix provides costlier services as compared to its competitors, its algorithm is smarter and navigation in it is easier. This would be witnessed by the customers and they are likely to avail a subscription to come back and watch their favourite content on Netflix.

Also, the StreamFest has fetched Netflix the needed media attention. All media houses have run their stories based on this promotional offer and this has provided abundant coverage to Netflix.

The StreamFest would, without any doubt, cost a fortune to Netflix India but it would most likely leave an impact on viewers’ minds. This would save them the cost of marketing.

Nonetheless, if you were waiting to watch your favourite series, this is your chance. Gear up and stream your favourite content on 5th and 6th December for free. 

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Sources: Indian Express, Business Insider, NDTV

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