One of the biggest changes that is expected in the coming year is that NEET will be conducted online. Furthermore, it is also speculated that this examination is likely to be conducted twice a year.

With NEET going online in the coming future, it becomes all-the-more important for students to get hold of online learning and the testing mode.

While most of us are familiar with the term online learning, its impeccable benefits are still unknown to many. Gone are the days of chalk, duster, and board.

They have now been substituted by internet-based learning. The coming age of online entrance exams requires a change in the traditional education methods.

With various eLearning programs such as Aakash Live and Aakash iTutor, aspiring students get a managed and comprehensive method on how to approach competitive exams for best results.

Today, students prefer online coaching for entrance exams over the traditional learning method. According to a study, online coaching has witnessed approximately 10-12% increase in enrolments since 2014.

With this new-age learning methodology, students gather experience of taking exams and mock tests online and get used to the effort required on the final day.

Below mentioned are some benefits of learning via digital platforms for entrance exams.

Gets You Accustomed to Online Reading

During online entrance exams, our eyes are glued to the computer screen for 3 hours at a stretch which makes it hard to focus. Students who are not used to taking tests online, lose their focus and concentration, due to which they eventually mess up their exam.

On the other hand, students who opt for e-learning are accustomed to taking exams and tests online on a regular basis. Thus, they do not lack in concentration and increase their chances of clearing the exam.

Time Management Skills

Learning through digital platforms helps students to strategise their approach towards taking an online exam in a better manner. It provides them with a clearer picture of the sequence of questions they should attempt to increase their chances of clearing the exam.

There is a specific time and a cut-off limit for each section in the exam, without a plan on how to attempt the paper, students lose their focus and end up performing poorly.

Effective time management is the key to good performance in exam and e-learning helps in it.

Better Practice

Students are familiar with traditional examination methods where writing speed was necessary to complete them on time. But in this era of online examinations, one needs to be familiar with using a computer.

Taking multiple mock tests online helps students to become familiar with computer-based exam patterns. The tests also help in mastering the login process and other instructions that are needed to follow during the exams.

Leaving experimenting until the day of examination becomes a spell of doom for students who do not practice beforehand.

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Helps in Controlling Anxiety

Many times, the flip timer on the exam screen gets on a student’s nerves and makes them nervous. The increased anxiety of the clicking timer causes them to lose focus and ends all the preparation and hard work in sheer vain.

By taking online mock tests daily, students can get familiar with the time-bound nature of the exam and gain confidence from it rather than getting nervous.

Online Help

Everyone faces problems and doubts when they first start practising online tests. With online learning, the esteemed faculty provides help to improve the performance. Students can consult their problems and issues with the faculty and improve their chances of success.

Furthermore, it also provides the perfect platform for students to connect with people who have shared goals and interests. Students can easily share information and help each other get closer to their aim.

Availability of Immense Resources

Last but not the least, learning via digital platforms also presents a well-planned approach that gives students not only sufficient time but also best resources for preparation.

For instance, to prepare for medical entrance, one can take NEET online classes available for definite success. Apart from this, regular mock tests and quizzes also help students in practising subjects and allow them to solve the problems faster.

This new-age learning methodology has evolved the study and preparation methods for students. It not only helps them to perform better but also with greater confidence.

There is only one attempt for students to clear these entrance exams in a single year. So, there is nothing such as enough preparation.

Practising and polishing problem-solving techniques is the best way to meet this challenge. Learning through digital platforms provides the perfect platform for the development of one’s skills.

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