Fake Friendly Fridays is a section where we invite the current entertainment source of the country for a no-holds-barred interview with ED. We make sure they remember this interview, even though they never gave it as this is purely an imaginative piece (Oh how we wish this wasn’t!).

Heavy Disclaimer: If you are a really sensitive person and get offended at jokes/puns/humor/sarcasm/religion/stupidity/foolishness then please do not proceed to read further. You are voluntarily reading this article, no one has forced you or dictated this to you forcefully.

We welcome the man whose laughter can be heard even by the Punjabis in Canada and who is more literary than Ghalib himself- Mr. Navjot Singh Sidhu.

ED: Welcome to ED, Sidhuji.

NS: O! Thank you, Thank you. *thoko taali*

ED: Sir, you’ve left BJP and now Congress, do no political parties interest you anymore?

NS: No not really. All I get to do is sit on a plush-red-chair and laugh at Kapil’s jokes.  How much money should I feed these political fanatics before they let me contest in the Punjab elections? They are all the same.

ED: Why did you decide to make your own political party? Weren’t there too many already?

NS: Of course not! No political party is the voice of the people-

ED: SO you decided to name the party ‘Awaaz-ae-Punjab’?

NS: O! Yes! That sounded logical. Moreover, my association with the Bains Bro will definitely be beneficial for Punjab. I have tons of experience warming a chair and judging and laughing at people. I can be the perfect President!

ED: What do you propose to do for the people of Punjab?

NS: That’s a good question. For starters, to counter the drugs problem we will fight against CBFC to release films without any cuts.

We’ll broadcast Kapil Sharma Show and Laughter Challenge re-runs so that people laugh all the time because hey, laughter is the best medicine.

Also, our export of humans and grains to foreign lands has greatly reduced in the recent years we’ll do something about that too!

ED: Sir you’re no more a member of the Rajya Sabha, how will you serve the people of the country now?

NS: Punjab is my homeland and I need to service it before I start with the country and besides Rajya Sabha is for people who are of cultural and literary fields, I am a cricketer.

ED: There are questions being asked about your wife still being a part of BJP, isn’t she not being the ‘Pati-vrata Naari’ you usually sponsor?

NS: Oye, Mujhe raat ko roti khaani hai. *thoko taali*.

Thank you, Sidhu ji for gracing us with your presence and humour. We wish that your party does better than Rakhi Sawant’s ‘Laal Mirchi Party’ and can save Punjab and redeem it!

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