Musical duo, Chahat-Saurav (Chahat Kakkar and Saurav Mishra) have been a formidable powerhouse for the past decade. The duo is an all-rounder phenomenon, and have an unbeatable flair for writing, composing, singing and performing. 

Their new track “Nasha” is a mix of classic Sufi sounds and upbeat vibes. The duo describes their vision for Nasha as, “Ustaad Nusrat Sahab transcends legend status. His legacy to Sufi music and music at large is undeniable, and Nasha is an homage to him.”. Chahat-Saurav’s spin on Sufi, breathes a new life into the classic sound and brings it to the 21st century. They have brought the sound to a new sphere and introduced it to a whole new audience, who can dance the night away to Nasha’s lush sound and make memories that will last forever. 

Nasha is an artistic success, and that comes as no surprise. After all, Chahat-Saurav and their work has made rounds around the world. The duo has worked on feature films, and their previous songs have been released by top labels like YRF, Saregama Music, Times Music and Zee Music. They’ve been on National Television multiple times on hit shows like Ranveer’s Cafe, Pride of India, Voice of Punjab and Awaaz Punjab Di. 

But translating artistic acclaim to commercial success requires much more. Chahat-Saurav have always been clear about one thing – No compromises on artistry for any price. Then how is Nasha performing so well? Instagram Reels, YouTube Algorithm and various streaming sites have made it extremely complicated to crack onto the charts. Unless you’re working with experts who know exactly what to do. 

Chahat-Saurav partnered up with music distributor SwaLay Digital for Nasha, and found themselves amongst industry experts. 

Music is ever-evolving and one needs to keep up with its changes to find success. And a dynamic mindset is one of SwaLay’s key assets as a company. SwaLay Digital is India’s first all-in-one music and digital content distribution solution, and is backed by TalantonCore India – a leading name in the music industry. It is one of the few organisations in our country, that holds the government approved IPRS and PPL membership for music publishing and licensing. 

SwaLay Digital opens up global opportunities for budding independent artists through intelligent marketing, managment and distribution. SwaLay has partnered up with leading streaming platforms like iTunes, Hungama Music, and other OTTs and streaming platforms to organically boost their roster of artists. 

The motivation behind SwaLay Digital’s business model is the rich Indian music heritage. Even their name “SwaLay” reflects as such; it is a trendy combination of the two core elements of music, “Swar” and “Lay”. The company name itself represents their vision of bringing hidden Indian gems to the world stage and to the younger generations. Through their SwaLay Label Partner programme, they have established mutually beneficial partnerships with over 100 independent labels to build a uniform channel for their music distribution.

Circling back to Nasha, the collaboration is between Freshmelodypoint and SwaLay. The industry titans recognised the cultural value of the fusion track and came together to open a world of avenues for Chahat-Saurav’s latest release. Through SwaLay’s strategies, Nasha retained its artistic integrity and sould – and is climbing towards unprecedented commercial success and widespread acclaim.


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