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Netflix And Chill? Nah! Netflix And Narcos: Story Of The Notorious Drug Smuggler


By Mehak Bahri

The Narcos don’t wear flip-flops. They are a militia of their own who carry all the deadly weapons and don’t bat an eye to blow someone off with their AK47s. May I present to you, *drumrolls* Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria.

January 6th 2016 saw the release of Netflix in India, and with that came Narcos, the story of a Colombian drug lord/ Philanthropist/Robin Hood/Fortune 500/ most dangerous criminal/brief Congressman.

Mr. Escobar (because he deserves some amount of respect from his viewers) was solely responsible for 40,000 murders and notoriously smuggling more than 15 tons of cocaine every day to the US.  

narcos 5

Why Narcos blows your mind away?

Violence, greed, cocaine and political corruption is  portrayed in such a glamorous way that every single audience will feel a certain sense of awe as the character of Pablo Escobar reveals himself. Wagner Moura, who plays Escobar is not your epitome of swag, he brings the criminal to life with his charismatic acting. His beer belly and the heavy Mexican moustache give us a hands-down masterpiece of Escobar.

You can’t watch Narcos while doing you’re in the middle of something else. Screw that Whatsapp conversation, because, this show is going to make you as addicted as the drugs Escobar sold.

narcos 2

The dysfunctional Big Daddy of terror

Psychiatrists and psychologists would be stumped if they ever sat down for a case study of the behavior traits of Escobar. How do you classify someone who killed an average of 6 people per day and at the same time, ran food programs for the poor? If Pablo were to be given a tagline, would it be ‘The King of Coke’ or ‘Robin Hood of Colombia?’ When Pablo Escobar died, more than 25,000 people arrived at the burial and several funeral goers referred to him as St. Escobar. Crazy, isn’t it?

narcos 1

The real ‘Thug Life’

Scores of high powered populaces were after Escobar. When Colombia’s cocaine trade flourished because of its geographical advantage, the drug lord controlled over 80% of the trade. Pablo made approximately 66 million dollars a day. This kind of money is bound to cause trouble.

Narcos showed that the two DEA agents, Steve Murphy and Javier Pena were after Pablo. But there were more who wished the ultimate death of him. The President of Colombia was definitely one, Virgilio Barro. The Search Bloc; the narcos killers were dead fast on assassinating Escobar.

An assembly of people, the Pereguidos por Pablo, or People Persecuting Escobar was also formed. With so many willing to strike, it is a matter of sheer luck and astronomical power that Pablo lived for so many years despite it all.

narcos 4

How revenge got into the way of a saint

Pablo Escobar was not content with just being the biggest cocaine baron. He ran for the presidential elections in Colombia and was brutally laughed off after his drug trafficking contracts were revealed. This threatened Escobar and he unleashed his fury on his enemies.

He gunned down ministers in favor of him being extradited to the US. He blew up planes that carried his enemies without a single shred of thought given to the rest of the civilians aboard. Escobar also kidnapped the Colombian president’s daughter and held her as a political bargaining chip to cancel his extradition to the US.


Pablo Escobar took the path to self-destruction. No doubt, that along the way he made so much money that it was impossible to count. He was a first class criminal and Narcos does absolute justice to the character and to his life.

Are you addicted? You better read this.

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