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My Travel Diary – A Singaporean Liv’ED It


To begin with, this ain’t your basic, run-of-the-mill-vanilla-flavored boring Travel Diary. It’s a completely innovative run-of-the-mill-vanilla-flavored boring Travel Diary…

Oh well; let’s just go with it… In June 2015, I made my way to this tiny, yet exciting world of Singapore, where I found my true love… with whom I had a wet steamy, hot, breaths heavy-all sweaty, photo shoot – The Merlion (Way to kill it, dude).

So before writing a mundane thesis on ‘The Top 10 Places to Visit In Singapore because My Brain Cells frizzled away and you died with a Scoop Overdose’ let me take you through the world of High Def.

Here we go…

Universal Studios – For The Kid In Me


Note: Sunny Day
Sweepin’ the clouds away
on my way to where the air is sweet
Can you tell me how to get,
How to get to Sesame Street! – Who didn’t grow up humming this tune with Elmo?

Jurong Bird Park – Because Dancing Cranes Are Too Mainstream


Note: Notice how the crane above (to the left) is grooving? Well, I got only word for him – Boom Shaka Laka Laka!

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Sentosa Island – A Walk Along Nature


Note: Yep, that’s my Madonna Mommy in pink, beaching it out under the Sentosa sun and a glimpse of the underwater Aquarium.


Note: Bro and I got just one song to sing at Madam Tussaud’s – “Swag mera desi, Swag Swag mera desi!” To top it all up, we ended our day with a sky of dancing lights….

Garden By The Bae…Sorry Bay, I Just Had To.


Note: Notice Drogon watching as my family battle it out in the Arena of the Gladiators…This is SPARTAAAAAAAA!

Clark Quay – The Lover’s Patch


Notice: See, two lovers (my lovey-dovey parents) enjoying the darkness………What a way to romance though *blank look*

The Limo, The Witch, and The Signboard



At the end of it all I’d just want to voice my one thought – Besides being a highly advanced country, it stole my heart in just a matter of seconds and gave me one of the best vacations I could ever ask for *teary eyed*

Have an issue reading the Signboards? Well, feast your eyes below on their innovation! Singapore has some sense of humour ;) 


Picture Credits – Harshita Sharma a.k.a Me.

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