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Music – Makes Me Who I Am


By Nidhi Taneja

music-equipmentOn a chilling November night when everyone else around me was enjoying the bonfire in my friend’s farmhouse, I sat in a corner as I was lost in my own thoughts. It’s not that I don’t like talking to people but at that moment introspection is what I needed the most. You must be thinking why did I need to indulge in self reflection that too when I had my friends around me to party with. The reason for this somewhat atypical behavior is the question raised by my friends in a silly game. According to the discussion where all of us were required to tell what part of life describes us the best. The question was a simple and straightforward. The answer too seemed to be much uncomplicated to my friends. But for me it was not all plain sailing. It made me contemplate about what truly makes me what I am. I took a sip of hot coffee as I began to ramble on about the answer and soon I found myself to be lost in the sweet and not so sweet reminiscence of my life.

The first thing that came to my mind was music. The role of music in my life is inexpressible. Music to me is ever enchanting. From the ripple of the river to the throbbing of the heart, music is in very nook and cranny. It gives words to the unspoken emotion and vitality to the soul. It elucidates the true essence of life and at the same time helps one attain nirvana. It has given me immense strength in the times of hardship and at the same time it has embellished the most ecstatic moments of my life. The joy it adds to my life is ineffable. It has endured with me through time in the form of the saccharin remembrance of my mom’s lullaby and in the celestial chanting of mantras by my grand ma. It has given flight to my thoughts, a direction to my aspirations and expression to my dreams. It helps me express what can’t be said be it my shy proposal to my first crush or my oblique attack on an annoying classmate. For me music is the best remedy to rejuvenate my instincts.  It is the best possible manifestation of my veiled desires. I sing when I am in high spirits, I sing when I am in stress and I sing to vent out my downhearted feelings.

Only if we take some time from our everyday mundane schedule, we will be able to notice the various forms in which a wide spectrum of musical notes is present, all around us. It can be heard in  flapping of  the wings of young birds  in their playful flights, in the whistling of the serene breeze  that blows the wisp of my hair in random direction and in the little sound of the feeble dance my thumb does when I have no clue what to write.  For me listening to songs and singing them is the most entertaining as well as the most appeasing form of indulgence. .

As I was still engrossed in my trip down the memory lane, a knock on my head broke my reverie. I saw all my friends staring at me in amusement as though still waiting for my reply. I took the last sip of the coffee and shouted out loud, “Yeah! Now I have the answer. Music…. Music – makes me who I am. It is an inseparable part of my life and without it, my life is nothing but a black void of space.”


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