Murari Bapu, one of India’s leading spiritual gurus, held a 12 day Ram Katha in Kathmandu, Nepal, for the evolution of human consciousness. He has called this Katha Manas sanyas, which extensively talks about and is dedicated to Osho’s Neo Sanyas movement. The katha was held from 26th August to 3rd of September, attended by thousands of people and watched live by millions across the globe in over 170 countries. 

Osho’s Neo Sanyas movement was introduced in 1970 by acharya Rajneesh, who was later given the name of Osho by his disciples and followers. The Neo sanyas movement was a rebirth of the old sanyas with a new approach for the modern man. Osho stated that a seeker of truth need not renounce the world to attain god consciousness or enlightenment. Neo, meaning reprogramming and sanyas meaning, the path of seeking. 

During the katha, Murari bapu said “osho’s consciousness has called me to do this katha” and “Arun Swami has acted as the medium of Osho to extend this invitation when we met in Lumbini earlier this year which I have accepted”

Murari Bapu dedicated this katha to the Osho Tapoban international commune, situated in the heart of the Nagarjuna Hills in Kathmandu, Nepal. He extended a warm invitation to and further dedicated the katha to all the Neo Sanyasins. He also visited the Tapoban international commune on Friday, September 1st, 2023 to directly address the Sanyasins of the Osho movement. 

Swami Anand Arun, founder of the Tapoban International commune, a disciple of Osho and the man behind continued success of the Osho movement in Nepal and the world over; has joined hands with Murari Bapu for the evolution of human consciousness. They danced together before a crowd of hundreds to celebrate this monumental achievement in the Osho and Neo Sanyas movement. 

Swami Anand Arun has said that this is a huge achievement in his life long work of spreading Osho’s teachings. His lifelong work has made Nepal the hub of the continuing Osho and Neo sanyas movement. Sanatani / Hindu gurus are starting to talk extensively about osho’s work for human consciousness. Especially after similar proclamations and recognitions have been made by the very popular Bageshwar Baba aka Dhirendra Shastri earlier in the month of August. Bageshwar baba also mentioned that he has read Osho books extensively. 

Never before in the history of mankind has there been a need for intentional support for the evolution of human consciousness. In the recent years, most human deaths are happening on account of mental health conditions and mental health is the greatest concern for mankind today. Osho’s Neo sanyas and his active mediations are extremely beneficial in reducing this condition. 

For Murari Bapu to have dedicated an entire series of ‘katha’ inspired by the Neo sanyas movement, speaks volumes about the common goal for all spiritual gurus in recent times. The evolution of human consciousness is the need of the hour and for spiritual gurus to come together to achieve this will certainly create the shift that is required now. We are certain that such hand shakes will help spread the word of Osho’s Neo sanyas and his movement, more deeply in India and the world over. 



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