Are you searching for someone to help in construction work? Well, we have got you sorted.

Mr. Repair is an online platform that will provide you with local and commercial maintenance services. Since it is online, it becomes easy with registering and searching for the services that you require. 

Knowing About The Startup

The startup is based in Jaipur and was initiated in 2015. It provides maintenance services for commercial firms as well as residential properties.

According to the co-founders, Jaipur was perfect for them as it has several corporations, plus middle-class households, which act as the ideal customer base for them. 

Co-founders of Mr. Repair, Bharat and Anirudh

Co-founder Anirudh stated, “These corporations present an immense opportunity to expand geographically and provide a recurring stream of income. If tapped properly, one can acquire new projects and build a loyal customer base as an add-on business. Technical service base business certainly has a huge market.” 

Inception Of Mr. Repair

In a YouTube video, Anirudh said that they desired to start an engineering firm to carve a pathway for B-tech graduates who wish to be self-employed. They had seen that doctors and accountants post-graduation start their firm. Likewise, they too wanted to initiate an engineering firm. 

Talking about how India was suitable for their business, Anirudh said, “We complement each other’s attributes, which is a demand for a multifaceted business like us. Choosing a non-competitive business model concerning those MNCs in which we used to work was also an advantage as we were not conditioned and started everything from nothing.”

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The inception was difficult, as they had to connect with technicians and formulate a model for themselves. Despite that, their firm managed to work on projects with renowned companies such as Amazon, Uber, Harley, Godrej etc. 

They soon start with four sorts of service formats- maintenance services (electricians, plumbers, carpenters), recurring nature of contracts (installation, AMC), large volume projects (renovation, entire electrification), civil and inventory works (installing CCTVs, biometrics, furnishing items). 

A Look At Their Growth

Since the past three years, the firm has flourished, and in the last financial year, it even crossed revenue of Rs. 1 crore. It has also registered vendors for huge companies like Amazon, Uber, restaurants, clinic chains and is successfully operating in various cities of India such as Bhopal, Indore, Delhi, Lucknow etc. 

The firm is now working to make a successful online presence and building a franchise model. In the next few years, they plan to distribute franchisees among 100 cities, with each of them having standardized processes, revenue stream, backend tech support and centralized marketing campaigns. 

The team also said, “We are also forming a procedure auditing mechanism for governing such large operations and cash flow. We would start accepting the application for the same by June of this year.”

Hence, a startup that began in a tier 2 city of Jaipur is gaining recognition and fulfills all your demands of maintenance services, be it for your commercial firms or residents. It is a one-stop destination that will provide you with local and extravagant services too.  

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