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Motivating Journey Of A Self Made Entrepreneur- Talha Bin Nasir


Meet Talha Nasir, a 31-year old entrepreneur, who has been able to achieve success and owns 3 businesses simultaneously. Nasir has catapulted himself to be one of the country’s most impressive entrepreneurs.

Talha Nasir describing his businesses

One of Nasir’s most successful businesses, Drive plus Rent-a-Car, has helped the thriving entrepreneur to grow his impressive portfolio. Drive plus Rent-a-Car is one of the leading car rental agencies in the UAE. With a wide variety of vehicles made available at the cheapest market rates, the company strives to cater to the needs of both residents and tourists residing in the country. Nasir assures that all of their cars and SUVs are regularly safety-checked and serviced to ensure their customers are equipped with only the best. In addition to owning Drive plus Rent-a-Car, Nasir also operates two other successful businesses, including the Pipes Shisha Lounge and Café and D1 Energy, which is an energy drink manufacturing company. He also has investments in 36 other businesses in Dubai.

Nasir’s plans concerning the growth and expansion of his businesses

Nasir says that with every new business and investment he makes, he gains more and more knowledge enabling him to make more intelligent investments. His main focus is taking his cafe worldwide! He is desperately looking forward to opening 5 branches by 2021.

A moment that changed Nasir’s life

Nasir believes that moving to Dubai with his family was a life-changing moment for him. Although he did not have much direction of where he wanted to go, he still started working at a small business. Then, gradually moved on to expanding to where he is at present. He says that it has been a struggle but having his father has been a solid driving force. Without his guidance, he wouldn’t be where he is today!

Nasir’s formula to achieve success

Over the past six years, in Dubai, Nasir has invested a great deal of time, energy, and money into turning his businesses into the thriving organizations they are today. Nasir, who had little money growing up, believes that hard work and dedication is the key to his success.

Proud moment for Talha Nasir

Nasir says that he is extremely proud to own such a successful business – and others. He is humbled to have seen his determination pay off over the past six years.

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