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Models In Paris Walk Down The Ramp Wearing Chocolate


The scope of celebration knows no limits, so much so that there is a festival that is spread across five days in order to celebrate almost everyone’s one true love – CHOCOLATE. The USP of this festival is probably the stupendous Chocolate Fashion Show.

The Salon du Chocolat

Held on an annual basis, this year will be the 22nd edition of the Salon du Chocolat and is held from 28th October to 1st November in Paris. The event savours and celebrates chocolate.


There are six activities that are held during these five days. French and international chefs, pastry chefs are invited for pastry demonstrations. The amazing thing about this event is that it tries and collaborates everything that could even be remotely related to chocolate, and brings it all under one roof.

There is music that is presented by cocoa-producing countries, there are conferences that focus on the nuances of chocolate treatment and the subtleties that make working with chocolate seem like an art. Adding to these conferences are the regular sessions of chocolate tasting!

A section of the event is dedicated to books that talk about chocolate, and there are FREE pastry and chocolate workshops that are also held.

However, the highlight of the entire event is the Chocolate Fashion Show.

Chocolate Fashion Show

Here, duos of 15 fashion designers and master chocolatiers collaborate to create a beautiful chocolate wardrobe. The dresses are a good mix of art and science and tend to present a range of bizarre yet marvellous ideas.

When designing and creating the dresses, chocolatiers keep a close look and make sure that the chocolate does not touch the body of the models. This is important because of a simple fact that chocolate melts at 35 degrees while the normal temperature of any human is 37 degrees.

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The Chocolate Fashion Show probably serves as the best platform for chocolatiers and designer, to push their limits and boundaries to come up with something that would last just a few minutes. Although, it is intriguing to understand what could is done with the tonne of chocolate that is put to use in order to make a dress that can definitely never be worn again.

The Salon du Chocolat is probably heaven for anyone who goes gaga about chocolate. The event attracts over 500 participants from France and around the world and brilliantly celebrates chocolate. It is a celebration that not only leaves us ecstatic but is sure to leave its impression on our bellies.

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