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I Love Maggi But Found The ‘Miss You Maggi’ Ads To Be Utterly Stupid And Senseless



Maggi held a special place in India since it was the first favourite instant food that gained so much popularity. To so many people’s chagrin, Maggi got banned last June.

Food Safety and Standards Society of India banned Maggi few months back citing the presence of lead in excessive quantities. And there goes a hullabaloo where people protested and the government to ensure the quality of food. Maggi sales became against the law.



But Maggi just blew the lid off with their new advertisements saying #WeMissYouMaggi.

It was so outrageous that almost make us doubt if we are insane or what.

There was this one ad in which a guy said, he never knew Home delivery menus that came along with newspaper had so much value because he never had to depend on home delivery menus when he had Maggi.

Science Behind The Favourite Instant Food Being Not So Safe

Really- Can someone have maggi noodles three times a day and be alive to tell the tale? Because even if it is said to be safe, it is not advisable to have Maggi every time every day.

It is made of maida which can affect your digestion and has high content of trans fats and saturated fats which would cause cholesterol. But no the show does not end here. And let’s not even refer to the amount of preservatives in it, which even kids realise are harmful for them.

God knows if the lead theory was right or wrong.

Seriously! You Owe Your Romantic Relationship to Maggi?


There is another guy who said ‘he had to talk to the neighbour’ whom he coolly ignored all this while because there was no Maggi.

Maggi is stopping someone from socialising? If it is so, I would say it is good that maggi is banned, you get to know who lives next door.

And even more, a lady complains her relationship with her boyfriend is in a crisis now that Maggi is banned. When Maggi was around, they never had a problem regarding who would cook or what to cook.

I am confused if I should be angry or just laugh at the sad situation.

I am surprised that one of these days there would be another advertisement showing a mother whose five year old son has quit eating and is suffering from malnutrition since there is no Maggi.


Now Maggi is making it look like we have been starving since Maggi has been banned.

I wish there was half of this attention and frenzy of masses in the case of farmer suicides considering that they feed us healthier food.

Honestly, everyone misses Maggi. But not so much.


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