A scope of a stable and mature relationship between Islam and Judaism, is an idea being explored by the progressive Muslims and Jews across the globe. 

The differences between Jews and Muslims today, mainly arises due to the continued and ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestinians dating back to1948, marking the unfortunate 54 years of continuous conflict. 

Jerusalem is respected and held in the highest regard as a holy city by the followers of Islam and Judaism. Moreover, Muslims and Jews share the rich heritage and culture together. 

Director of Milli Chronicle Zahack Tanvir said, “Muslims and Jews can understand each other in a much better way, as we share common heritage and history”.

Amidst the blurriness in the relationship between Jews and Muslims across the world, countries, organisations, and individuals are working towards strengthening the relationship between the two religions. 

Some Muslim Countries like UAE, Bahrain, Morocco and Sudan normalized  ties with Israel as a foundation of goodwill and progress.

On September 15, 2020, the UAE became the first Gulf nation to establish formal relations with the Jewish state, and the third Arab country ever to do so after Egypt and Jordan in 1979 and 1994 respectively. 

The ongoing conflict and politics involved in this matter have led people to question each other’s legitimacy. 

Tanvir said, “Muslims need to reassess their relationship and perspective towards the Jews, sometimes with the involvement of politics people tend to hate the whole community which is wrong”.

Hatred followed by the propaganda presented with the religious tag is the favourite recipe of the extremist groups all over the globe. 

“Politics ignites the hate in people’s minds and the same hate feeds the organisations with their personal agendas in the name of the religion”, Tanvir added. 

In today’s age Terrorist groups use the internet to establish their audience and present the hate in a justifiable manner, “Propaganda aimed at potential or actual supporters may be focused on recruitment, radicalization, and incitement to terrorism, through messages conveying pride, accomplishment, and dedication to an extremist goal. 

Allowing hate to spread can potentially feed the extremist groups with the support and recruitment they need.

“Every dispute today is territorial. Using Religion helps in the recruitment of low-cost and off-the-record fighters”, Tanvir tweeted. 

Establishing stable relationship between the two religions will not only strengthen the relationship between Jews and Muslims but is a very crucial strategy to break the extremist propaganda.

New-York based Rabbi Poupko said in a podcast hosted by Milli Chronicle, “We need to work on expanding cohesions through religious tolerance”.

Rabbi further said, “This can be only built by like-minded people coming together and working towards building a world for future generations that is not filled with divisiveness rather with people who are focused on making this world a better place through cohesion, tolerance and understanding”.

Milli Chronicle intends to continue its work towards answering the propaganda against progressive Muslim countries, and also to publish the work to counter terrorism, and to bridge the gaps between religions.

Milli Chronicle was established in 2018 as an online portal, however in 2021 Tanvir registered it in England under the banner Milli Chronicle Media. The portal features original reporting, world news, analysis, and op-ed columns. It primarily focuses on MENA affairs. 

Milli Chronicle twitter handle is @MilliChronicle, while its Director’s handle is @ZahackTanvir.

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