Milind Gupta hails from an average middle-class Delhi family and he is on the way to becoming a millionaire with an opportunity of a lifetime.

Well, this 26-year-old did online jugaad to earn Rs 36 lakh in just two months.

Gupta earned Rs. 36 lakhs through this online jugaad.

How was his journey?

His journey started when he made the first sale of a selection of puzzles and comics to a school friend at the age of ten.  

It was reported that during the days of Orkut a post directed him to the website Fiverr. Here anyone can offer any kind of service for cash. He used to offer people customized pictures of their names in the sand at the beach with the waves lapping at it.

He says, “It wasn’t ethical. I know but hey, I was trying, testing and like every other human, I had to be sure this stuff is legit and ka-ching! Orders started flowing in.”

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Then he came across an online website that offered CPA (cost per action) giving him brilliant opportunities.

Those ads that talk about how to earn money online are actually things that get a user to fill out a form or survey. Every time an adviser gains an ‘action’, he can use it for his or her own gain to earn a small commission.

He was actually successful at his job that through his contact networks he earned approximately Rs 36 lakh in two months.

What was his mantra of success?

After quitting the CPA lead, he took six months to continue learning the complexity of viral marketing and paid to advertise.

He moved into drop-shipping and in this you are the middleman in an online sales deal. Through this, he sold antique decorated tin plates on Shopify for $23, which priced at just $6 on Aliexpress.

Check out how Gupta made money with online jugaad

He says, “There is no get rich soon guide. You have to be patient, honestly very patient and keep learning every minute, every second. I have learned things from people as young as 12 years old.”

He talked about how to find a mentor who can shape a person from the very beginning and hang out with people who are smarter than you.

Gupta mentioned that its about learning and gaining skills in this evolving world. One should learn how to be adaptable to be at the top of their game.

Now Gupta and Peter Tarr are partners in their own drop-shipping business venture, he continues to work with nothing more than a B-Com degree.

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